Wednesday, August 8th (Previously Aired June 6th, 2018)

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DIY Everlasting Brooch Bouquet - Home & Family

DIY Everlasting Brooch Bouquet

Orly Shani is making an everlasting brooch bouquet. She recommends using sentimental pieces of jewelry for the bouquet. You can find the materials at your local craft store, just make sure to match the bouquet to your wedding colors.

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Pan Roasted Red Snapper - Home & Family

Pan Roasted Red Snapper

Executive chef of Nashville’s Henley Restaurant, Daniel Gorman is making a delicious pan roasted red snapper with crispy dirty rice and cooked vegetables. The chef’s restaurant stands out because it is all farm to table. This dish is also easy to transfer into vegetarian by using flavorful vegetables, instead of the meat.

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Lea Thompson

Actress and director Lea Thompson sits down with Debbie and Ken to talk about her new film, “The Year of Spectacular Men,” which opens in theaters on June 15th. The film also stars Lea’s daughters Zooey and Maddie and was written by Zooey. To keep it in the family, Lea directed the film, too.

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Seersucker Fashions

Lawrence Zarian is giving the latest in seersucker fashions courtesy of and He says the best part about the seersucker look is that it creates a look and a personality for the person wearing the outfit.

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DIY Flower Girl Baskets - Home & Family

Flower Girl Baskets

Floral expert Amy Marella is showing you how to make your very own flower girl baskets for a wedding. If you plan on prepping the baskets early, make sure you wrap them in cello wrap and refrigerate. If you don’t know how to do a french knot, you can easily just twist the ribbon around the basket for a whimsical look.

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Jordana Brewster

Actress Jordana Brewster visits Home & Family to talk about her Fox series, “Lethal Weapon” and the release of the entire “Fast & Furious” franchise on DVD and the “Fast & Furious” ride at Orlando’s Universal Studios. The actress also opens up about her friendship with the late Paul Walker, who she worked with on “Fast & Furious.” The actress shares photos of her family and talks about how her young sons love visiting movie sets.

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Orecchiette with Pesto

Author of “Eating My Way Through Italy,” Elizabeth Minchilli is joining Debbie in the kitchen making a mouth-watering Italian recipe of orecchiette with pesto. She explains that you can make your own pesto with any fresh, leafy herbs you have available. To emulsify the sauce, add more olive oil. The best part about this pasta is that even beginners can make it at home.

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DIY Surfboard Mirror

Paige Hemmis is taking an old surfboard and turning it into a mirror for your home. Place the largest mirrors first and then add the smaller ones to the surfboard. To match the surfboard to your decor, you can spray paint it using an acrylic paint. She found the mirrors of all sizes online for purchase.

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Wedding Gift Gratitude - Home & Family

Wedding Gift Gratitude

Debbie, Orly, Paige and Ken are introducing you to some easy ways to thank you for your wedding gifts including Gold Flourish Script Thank You Notes and “65 Ways to Say Thanks” Gift Books. Both items can be found at

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DIY Ice Skating Pond

Ken Wingard is making a DIY mini ice skating pond to add to your holiday decor in your home. When he is done with the display itself, Ken adds epsom salt to create a snowy effect.

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