Andy Buckley Interview

Star of the new series on Bravo, “Odd Mom Out,” Andy Buckley sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his career. Andy jokes that the new show about work and family balance hits a little too close to home. In real life, Andy has two sons that keep him moving both physically and mentally! Both Mark and Andy exchange funny stories of what it is like to raise young boys in the days of modern technology. In the end, Mark and Cristina celebrate Andy’s movie “Jurassic World” being such a hit, that they challenge him to a “Name the Dinosaur” game!
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Red Velvet Cheesecake - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks!

Cristina is back in the kitchen to bake a delicious, rich and creamy Red Velvet Cheesecake. If you want to make a sugar-free version of the cake, just substitute Splenda for the sugar! Mark jokes that Cristina needs to be extra-careful when preparing the red velvet cake because she is wearing white! When making a cheesecake, it is very important to get the air out of cake batter before putting in the oven. The dessert is a hit with the crowd!

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DIY Igloo Playhouse

Tanya Memme is joined by her daughter Ava to show you how to make a fun DIY igloo that kids of all ages will love playing in, as Ava proves! To expand on the “snowy” effect of the igloo, buy white expanding spray foam. She emphasizes to not be stingy on the glue when putting the igloo together because you want it to hold together. Don’t be afraid of gaps because you can fill it in with the expanding foam.

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Rico and Raini Rodriguez Interview - Home & Family

Rico and Raini Rodriguez Interview

Brother and sister acting duo Rico and Raini Rodriguez visit Home & Family and fill Mark and Cristina in on what they have been up to. Raini just recently celebrated a birthday with her family and is also celebrating her debut directing job on her show “Austin & Ally.” Meanwhile, Rico really wants to focus on his writing as he prepares to go into the seventh season of his hit comedy, “Modern Family.” Both actors want to continue exploring work both in front of and behind the camera.

Christmas Tree Lazy Susan

Shirley Bovshow finds a creative way to use a Lazy Susan to use as your Christmas tree base and makes decorating the tree a whole lot easier. By spinning the tree on the Lazy Susan, you can cover it in lights without having to move your feet. She reminds you to light your tree from top to bottom and at the end, hide the electrical cords with notched gift boxes.

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Dan Kohler in the Kitchen - Home & Family

Nomiku Home Cooking

Dan Kohler is joined by the co-founder of Nomiku, Lisa Fetterman to introduce the Nomiku-style of cooking to Home & Family. Nomiku is an immersion circulator allowing you to cook a variety of foods at once. Dan and Lisa decide to cook prime rib in the kitchen using Nomiku-style. The prime rib is a huge hit at Home & Family!

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Gift Wrapping  Trends

Cristina and Mark show you the hottest trends in gift wrapping, courtesy of Hallmark Crown Gold Crown stores. Now you can buy a box with pre-cut wrapping paper and fun detachable decorations, from anything like pom-poms to cute little santa hats! Bakers twine is also an easy ribbon solution.

Cruise and Resort Wear - Home & Family

Cruise and Resort Wear for the Holidays

Fashion Expert Lawrence Zarian is back with some of the hottest fashion tips for those about to take a cruise or resort vacation. Today’s trends are prints, fringed flats, fedoras and chunky jewelry. Different layers of shorts/pants, coulottes and ankle pants are also in! He brings out various models to sport these hip looks for Home & Family. The models are sporting styles from Nicole by Nicole Miller and Liz Claiborne.

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Homemade Goat Milk Soap with Hemp Loofah - Home & Family

Holiday Homemade Goat Milk Soap and Hemp Loofah

Sophie Uliano and Ken Wingard team up to make goat milk soap and hemp loofah. This makes the perfect gift for the holidays. This entire DIY will cost you as little as two dollars! When it comes to scent, lavender essential oil to the goat milk to make the soap more soothing.

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Christmas Gifts for Pets

Laura Nativo comes up with the perfect holiday gifts that you can buy for your pets. This includes all toys from fun squeaky toys to LED collars! She even brings out a K-9 Kannon, that tosses balls to dogs and keeps them active by chasing them. 

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