Kevin Bigley Talks ‘Sirens’

Actor Kevin Bigley stops by to talk about the return of his show ‘Sirens’ on January 27th on the USA Network. Kevin opens up about how the storylines from the show come from true stories of the ER. Kevin shares the story of how he proposed to his wife, by surprising her in their backyard. Kevin and his wife have a sketch comedy show on Funny or Die called ‘Big Cop.’

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Kym’s First Class Feeling

Beauty Expert Kym Douglas gives you some tips on how to make your coach experience on a plane into a first class experience. Kym recommends you look the part of first class and don’t wear sweats on the plane! Invest in comfortable socks, lotion, a satin eye mask and a mist bottle.

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Mark’s Photo Tips

Mark gives you some Photography 101 tips talking about ISO Settings. ISO is the sensitivity of a film or image sensor to light. The higher the ISO number, the less light required. The lower the ISO number, the more light required. Low ISOs are most often used in bright situations, or when it is mounted on a tripod. A typical ISO range is 200-1600.

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The Fennel Hurrah

Chef and owner of, Elina Fuhrman joins the Home & Family kitchen to cook up a Fennel Hurrah soup made of all organic ingredients. The vegan soup gets its sweetness from sweet potatoes and coconut milk.

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Dame Edna is Back!

Dame Edna talks about her return to the stage for “Dame Edna’s Glorious Goodbye/The Farewell Tour.” The legendary performer explains her outlandish fashion style and even dishes about her career that has spanned six decades. She riffs on the audience, calling it the smallest group she’s ever performed in front of. Dame Edna comments on how beautiful Cristina is, and ribs Mark about his acting career and says she may even ask Mark out on a date!

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Allison McAtee Makes Tiramisu

Actress Allison McAtee visits Home & Family and shows you how you can turn breakfast leftovers into tiramisu. Allison reveals she stole most of the ingredients for her dessert from the craft service table. Allison uses coffee, chocolate, bagels, sugar, cream cheese and non-dairy creamer. The actress from OWN’s “The Haves and Have Nots” also talks about getting her start as a model.

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Debbie’s Lifesaving Tips for New Moms

TV Personality Debbie Matenoupolos gives out some great lifesaving tips for the new moms out there. She started her research on her apps after realizing how much time it took to do day-to-day things when you become a mother to a newborn baby.

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Ken Wingard’s DIY Shower Curtain Wall Art

Lifestyle Expert Ken Wingard shows you how to turn your shower curtain into a big impact piece of hanging art! The key is to use cloth shower curtains and stretcher bars.

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Matt Iseman’s TV Deals

With Super Bowl Sunday just around the corner on February 1st,  Matt Iseman gives you tips on what you should look for in a big TV to watch the game on. Matt’s pick for the best TV value is: a 50” VIZIO, which you can buy at Costco for $509.

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