Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

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Bruce Boxleitner
Bruce Boxleitner Interview
Actor Bruce Boxleitner visits Home & Family to talk about his upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie ‘So She Said Yes’ which premieres on the Hallmark Channel February 7th, 8/7c. Both Mark and Bruce open up about finding love again after a divorce. Bruce admits that his character in his new movie hits close to home and he brings a clip to share with the show.

Don't miss the Hallmark Channel Original Movie 'So She Said Yes' on the Hallmark Channel premiering February 7th, 8/7c.

Monica Potter’s Lip Exfoliant

Monica Potter Stops By
Actress Monica Potter stops by to make her own lip exfoliant and shows you just how easy it is! Before she can get started, she talks about how heartbreaking it was to film the series finale of ‘Parenthood’ and how difficult it was to say goodbye to such an amazing experience. Monica also is excited to announce that she is shooting a new pilot that she is also producing. Additionally she is also preparing for the grand opening of her own store in Garretsville, Ohio on Valentine’s Day.

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Gorgeous For Good Check-in

Sophie Uliano Check-In with Paige and Kym
Natural Lifestyle Expert Sophie Uliano stops by to check on how her program “Gorgeous for Good” has been treating Paige and Kym. Cristina points out that since Kym has cut out major sugar and caffeine, she has been more calm. Paige says that her skin has never looked better since trying Sophie’s program. Sophie also showed Paige easy ways to work out since having surgery. Kym even stuck to herbal tea and vegetables when she was at Mark’s Sunday football party.

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Cheryl Burke Fashion

Dancer Cheryl Burke stops by to talk about her ten years on the ABC reality show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and how she has ventured into motivational speaking. Now Cheryl has launched her own activeware line for all shapes and sizes. Cheryl says speaking in front of people is a lot tougher than dancing on live television. Her clothing line is called cee bee Cheryl Burke.

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Ross Mathews’ Bet

TV Personality Ross Mathews comes by to accept that he lost his football bet that the Seahawks would win the Super Bowl. So Ross agrees to cook Pimento Cheese and Sangria while wearing a New England Patriots jersey. Ross swears by his cheese dip and brings it to every party. 

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Media Streamers 101

Matt Iseman MD talks about the new ways to stream TV. Choices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire and Roku 3 are available now. Roku has the best variety when it comes to programming and content.

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Ken's DIY Scrabble Wall Decor

DIY Scrabble Wall Decor
DIY Expert Ken Wingard shows you how to make your very own Scrabble Wall Decor for any room in your house. Each square will cost you roughly around five dollars.

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Adopt a Cat

Give a Cat a Loving Home
Dr. Kwane Stewart and Marc Peralta discuss the importance of adopting a cat. Only 52% of shelter cats are saved or rescued. Adult cats are usually more mellow and lower maintenance. Both men can’t stress enough the importance of spaying and neutering your pets to stop the overpopulation of cats and dogs.

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Ask Kym Douglas

Kym takes to Facebook to answer some of your questions. Kym suggests getting rid of age spots by lemon and sugar and placing it on your skin. She advices doing it every day for 20 days and seeing an improvement. Use milk’s lactic acid to help soften the bags under your eyes, remember that primers help make your skin look younger. Last but not least, Kym thinks that pointy Q-tips make for a great beauty tool.

Check out the following items that Kym suggested:

Lancer Lift Serum and Lancer Fade Serum:


Alexis Vogel Primer:

Stemulation Scrub:


Stan Nu Face Primer:

Perricone MD Cold Plasma:

Algenist with Alguronic Acid:


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