Rhea Seehorn Interview

Rhea Seehorn Interview

Actress Rhea Seehorn stops by to talk to Mark and guest host Kym Douglas about her new hit show, ‘Better Call Saul.’ Since joining the show, she and the cast have developed close friendships and even spend time together off-set. Rhea brings a clip from her show for Home & Family to enjoy. As an actor she enjoys that the directors let her interpret scenes the way she wants to.

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Time to Talk Hair

Celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe shows you how to do a salon blow out at home. The four main factors when picking out a hair dryer are: weight, speed, heat and noise. Large paddle brushes are great for untangling and round brushes shape and smooth the hair. Invest in hydrating detangling spray, blow dry serum, a volumizing product and a finishing hair spray. Use clips to section your hair when drying. If you don’t have time to wash your hair, wet it and style the face-framing pieces.

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Tested and Approved Baby Products

New Mom Debbie shows you some of her favorite products out there today.
The list includes:

HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper: $249.99

ByeBye Bug Leg Warmers $9.95-$13.95

Neeker Chew, a teether you can attach to your baby, car seat, or stroller: $21.99

Keegan Allen Interview

Actor Keegan Allen visits Home & Family to talk about ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and the crazy twists and turns the show takes each week. Keegan’s role definitely keeps him on his toes every episode and he loves it that way. Besides acting, Keegan is also very passionate about photography and even released a book of his photos.

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Budgeting 101

Budgeting: Back to Basics

Consumer Reporter Jeanette Pavini gives you some sound advice on how to budget. She learned about money from her father, who grew up during the Great Depression. Jeanette says her father never paid a cent in interest. One of Jeanette’s biggest pieces of advice is to save 10% of earnings and put it into a separate account and try to pay off the credit cards balance every month.

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How to Get Beauty Products for Free

Kym Douglas teams up with Consumer Reporter Jeanette Pavini to show you how to get your beauty products free. Stores like Sephora, H20+ and Ulta will let you have free samples at checkout. You can join a L’Oreal USA Consumer Participation Panel for free products and stores like Ulta, Bare Essentials, Aveda and Smashbox have loyalty and free gift programs to sign up for.

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Perfect Crab Cakes

Perfect Crab Cakes

Chef and owner of “Fishing with Dynamite” David LeFevre cooks up some perfect crab cakes in the Home & Family kitchen. If you don’t have any crab, salmon also works. David learned how to crab when he was a kid visiting his grandparents and fishing with his Grandpa. He advises to have a trustee fish monger who will always hook you up with good seafood when shopping.

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Bystander CPR Part 2

Bystander CPR Part 2

Dr. JJ is back to talk about AED, an automatic electrical defibrillator, which shocks a heart in cardiac arrest to resume normal rhythm. But the first thing you should do when someone feels like they are having a heart attack, call 911 and practice CPR.

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Re-Purpose Your Bookshelf Into a Dress-Up Closet!

Re-Purpose Your Bookshelf Into a Dress-Up Closet!

Tanya Memme is back to show just how easy it is to turn an old book shelf into a dress-up closet! She encourages you to have fun with the project with colors and designs. In the end, doing this yourself with cost you as little as $35-$50.

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