Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

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Brett Young

The up and coming country music star, Brett Young visits Home & Family to talk about his career and how singer Gavin McGraw was the person who encouraged him to pursue a career in music. He also reveals that his latest single, “Sleep Without You,” was written based on his parents’ relationship. He later performs for the audience.

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Favorite Things Under $30

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DIY Repurposed Shirts - Home & Family

DIY Repurposed T-Shirts

Orly Shani is upgrading your fashionable look and all you need is a t-shirt, fabric, scissors, pins and a sewing machine. The best part is this DIY will only cost you up to $30.

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Butter Lettuce Fish Tacos - Home & Family

Butter Lettuce Fish Tacos

Health and fitness expert Jen Winderstrom is in the kitchen making a nutritious and tasty dish, butter lettuce fish tacos. She also talks about her book, “Diet Right for your Personality Type,” where she describes your fitness plan that you should adapt to your personality type. Her core principles are rest, hydration, and food.

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Bitsie Tulloch

The actress sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her character on NBC’s “Grimm,” which airs Fridays at 8/7c. She also opens up about her engagement to her co-star, David Gluntoll.

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DIY Natural Baby Wipes - Home & Family

Nail Biting

Dr. JJ gives you some tips on how to stop nail biting. This includes wearing bandages on nails while at home, getting regular manicures and applying olive oil or cuticle softening agents to nails.

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Chef Bruce Kalman Cooks - Home & Family

Orecchiette with Fennel Sausage

Chef Bruce Kalman of Union Restaurant is in the kitchen and making orecchiette with fennel sausage. This dish is special to Bruce because his wife ordered it on their first date. Remember to not over-mix the meat because it will make it tough.

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Cinema Cheats

Debbie is giving you some tips to help heighten your theater experience. This includes an app that lets you know the best time in the movies to go use the bathroom called “RunPee.”

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DIY Natural Baby Wipes - Home & Family

DIY Natural Baby Wipes

Kristin Smith is showing you how to make your own baby wipes using distilled water, pure coconut oil, baby wash, paper towels and a container. You can even let your kids assist you with this DIY.

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