Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

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Chris Dempsey and Heather Krueger - Home & Family

“Once Upon a Miracle”

Heather Krueger and Chris Dempsey sit down with Cameron and Debbie to talk about the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie based on their lives, “Once Upon a Christmas Miracle.” The husband and wife met when Chris donated part of his liver to Heather, that not only saved her life but resulted in the pair finding love together. Chris shares that he and Heather are still in complete shock that a movie was made about their lives.

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Holiday Granola and Spiced Nuts - Home & Family

Holiday Granola and Spiced Nuts

Author of the cookbook, “Pull Up a Chair,” Tiffani Thiessen is back in the Home & Family kitchen making some holiday snacks of cherry and maple granola along with whiskey-glazed spiced nuts. When it comes to the nuts, she suggests using whatever your favorite kinds are. Today, she decides to use walnuts and almonds. You can also package the granola and nuts as hostess gifts for your holiday parties.

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DIY Gingerbreading Your Home

Paige Hemmis is showing you how to “gingerbread” your home using spray paint, insulation foam board and PVC pipe. When it comes to attaching the decorations, use installation foam or massive amounts of hot glue and make sure to give yourself plenty of time for them to dry. To give the decorative candy a sugary finish, she sprinkles glitter on it.

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Gentle Barn

Larissa Wohl is joined by Ellie Laks of The Gentle Barn to talk about the mission of the sanctuary. The Gentle Barn rehabilitates animals that have been labeled too old, too sick or too scared to be adopted and gives them sanctuary for the rest of their lives. The barn has cows, goats, turkeys, llamas, parrots, pigs, horses and many more. She also describes how animals have helped humans, who have survived childhood neglect and abuse.

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DIY Knitted Wine Sleeves - Home & Family

DIY Knitted Holiday Wine Sleeves

Vickie Howell is joined by Grammy Award-winning singer, Lisa Loeb to show you how easy it is to knit your own holiday wine sleeves. Vickie assures you there is no reason to be nervous when knitting because you are only using two needles. They also leave holes in the wine sleeves to intertwine ribbon in afterwards.

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Pork Tamales - Home & Family

Pork Tamales

Cameron is joined by his wife Vanessa to make a holiday favorite recipe in the kitchen, pork tamales. Vanessa explains that they have tamale-making parties during the holidays and get the kids involved in helping prep the ingredients. Before getting started, soak the corn husks in water for more than a day to make them softer. The best part about the tamales is that you can make any type you want, including chicken, beef, vegetarian or even dessert tamales.

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De-Stressing During the Holidays

Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser sits with Home & Family to discuss ways you can de-stress this holiday season. She recommends that you hold yourself accountable for self-care, which can include meditating, baking or reading a book. She also encourages you to create a time and money plan and stick to it during the holidays.

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DIY Fruit Centerpiece - Home & Family

DIY Fruit Tree Centerpiece

Ken is getting ready for the holidays by making his own classic fruit tree centerpiece starting with a styrofoam cone. This DIY has a special place in Ken’s heart because it reminds him of his childhood growing up in Virginia. Attach the fruit to the cone using a hot glue gun. He also explains that making your own fruit tree centerpiece is a great way to save money instead of buying one at the store.

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Kevin Sorbo

Actor Kevin Sorbo sits down with Debbie and Cameron to talk about his family-friendly movie, “Bernie the Dolphin.” He describes the movie as Spy Kids meets Flipper. It opens on December 7th in theaters and On Demand.