Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

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“In-Lawfully Yours” Interview

Marilu Henner and Chelsey Crisp visit Home & Family to talk about their upcoming film, “In-Lawfully Yours.” Marilu loved working with Chelsey, calling her the queen of improv. The movie is described as a cross between silly and fun, but it also has some dramatic moments. The film will be available on DVD on iTunes on September 6th. Marilu also opens up about her news of being on next season’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

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Scott Wolf Interview

Actor Scott Wolf visits Home & Family for the first time to talk about his NBC series, “The Night Shift” and the upcoming season finale, which airs tonight at 10/9c. He doesn’t give away too many spoilers, but he does say this is the episode to watch. Scott also opens up about his marriage to his wife Kelley, who he wed in 2004 after meeting on a whitewater rafting trip.

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Bahn Jovi Sandwiches - Home & Family

Keith Breedlove Cooks

Official chef of the California State Fair, Keith Breedlove arrives at Home & Family with his food truck and talks about his business. He enjoys educating and showing off his culinary skills using all the food that comes from his farm. Today he is making “Banh Jovi” sandwiches that feature flash fried brussels sprouts and sliced chuck beef. Keith also explains that the California State Fair Farm donates produce to food banks, as well.

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DIY Whelping Puppy Box - Home & Family

DIY Whelping Puppy Box

Ken Wingard is making a whelping puppy box, which is meant to protect puppies during birth and create a safe space for them. He explains the whelping box, itself, should be 24” and adding PVC pipe will give the puppies additional safety in the box. Make sure you line the finished product with newspaper and towels. The total cost of the DIY is $20.

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Chocolate for Breakfast - Home & Family

Chocolate for Breakfast

Kym Douglas is giving you permission to have chocolate for breakfast. She has actually read that if you have chocolate in the morning, it can speed your metabolism and helps curb sugar cravings for the day. The chocolate must be 70% pure cacao. Today she is making a delicious smoothie that has chocolate, avocado, almond butter, Kefir and honey.

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Last-Minute Labor Day Getaway Ideas

Travel expert Francesca Page sits down with Home & Family to discuss some great last minute Labor Day travel ideas. She recommends road trips and state parks as a great way to explore what is around you. She also suggests looking into vacation rentals, which often include full kitchens, pools and activities on the property.

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Best Travel Outfits - Home & Family

Best Travel Outfits

Lawrence Zarian is showing you how to stay chic and comfortable when traveling. He advises you to wear only simple jewelry since you will have to take it on and off at security. Also, easy slip-on shoes that are suitable for running, in case you are in a hurry in the airport. Make sure you wear layers so your clothes won’t take too much room in your carry-on luggage.

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DIY 3D Wall Decals - Home & Family

DIY 3D Wall Decals

Orly Shani is showing you how to spruce up your kid’s room with these fun DIY 3D wall decals. Stick to a theme that your child has picked out, based on their interest. She encourages you find the images online and print them on card stock. Your images can be as big as you want. This entire DIY will cost you $10.

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