Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Actress Katharine McPhee talks about her new show, Country Comfort. Chef Carla Hall prepares southern greens with smoked paprika pot likker, and more in Season 9, Episode 83 of Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family."
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Carla Hall Makes Collard Greens with a Smoked Paprika Pot Likker

Carla Hall shows how to make Southern greens with a smoked paprika pot likker. Pot likker is the juice, or stock, leftover in a pot after cooking greens or beans. Carla shows how to create a pot likker to cook your collard greens in for optimal flavor.

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How to Wear Florals

Floral is the most iconic print this time of year. Lawrence Zarian shares tips on how to look fresh and fabulous in floral.

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"Country Comfort" Star Katharine McPhee


Actress and singer Katharine McPhee recently welcomed her first child. The new experience as mom was helpful for her portrayal as a nanny to five children in the Netflix sitcom, “Country Comfort.” Katharine describes the comedy as “The Nanny” meets “The Sound of Music” because it is full of laughs and some singing.

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DIY Customized Bike Helmets


Maria shows us how to add serious style to our children’s safety gear with customized bike helmets. They are an adorable way to get kids excited to wear them and differentiate whose helmet belongs to who.

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How to Grow Sunflowers for the Summer


Shirley shares how to grow beautiful Sunflowers for the Summer. Sunflowers are great for gardens as they grow in any type of soil and are easy to maintain. However, you need to plant them in the Spring to prepare this sunshine in a vase for Summer.

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Stephen Grove’s Tips to Spring Clean Your Life


America’s life coach Stephen Grove is a best-selling author and celebrity life coach. He shares tips to take advantage of a fresh start this Spring by taking into account the three Ps: People, Plan and Pivot.

People: Be intentional and invite people to get together.

Plan: Fit something new and exciting into your schedule.

Pivot: Be willing to flow with new changes.