Monica Potter Visits - Home & Family

Monica Potter Stops By

Monica Potter visits Home & Family to talk about her new documentary with HGTV about renovating her childhood home. She also shares her experience of recently being on E’s show, “Hollywood Medium” where Tyler Henry talked to a very emotional Monica about her deceased father. She says to show you how to make your very own highlighter, which helps keep your skin glowing in the summer weather without the sun damage.

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Shredded Beef and Vegetable Salad - Home & Family

Chef Pati Jinich Cooks

The chef and cookbook author Pati Jnich is in the kitchen whipping up Salpicon de Carne, which is shredded beef and vegetable salad. This is one of the favorites in her household of three growing boys and a husband. When it comes to making the salad’s vinaigrette, she recommends giving it time to pickle for 1-2 days before mixing it in the salad. The best part is you can put the leftover salad in the sandwich the next day.

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Swimsuits and Cover-Ups

Debbie Matenopoulos is showing you the latest trends in swimsuit ware. She points out that all the designers are creating fashionable kaftans and cover-ups that are comfortable and can also be worn as everyday clothes, as well.

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DIY Family Backsplash - Home & Family

DIY Family Photo Backsplash

Kelly Edwards talks about her design book that is formatted like a cookbook. She explains that DIYs can be followed like a recipe with items found around your home. Today she shows you how to take a family photo and create a backsplash with it. Choose a photo with large and bold images, and be sure you measure the wall space and order the print slightly larger than the space so you can trim it as you go.

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Noah Galloway Interview

Retired Army Sergeant and motivational speaker, Noah Galloway talks to Mark and Cristina about his new show on the Fox network, “American Grit,” which features real life military veterans as coaches for every day civilians competing in the obstacle-course based series. Noah’s biggest passion in life is being a hands-on father to his three children. He also works closely with the charity, “No Excuses,” which supports fitness and healthy habits in kids.

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Ballerina Birthday Cake

Ken Wingard is showing you how he is celebrating baby with this ballerina birthday cake that was inspired by his daughter’s recent love of ballet. Ken uses wafer paper on the top of the cake while decorating because it is edible. Ken recommends using neutral oil so it doesn’t disrupt the flavor of the cake.

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Message in a Bottle Necklace - Home & Family

Message in a Bottle Necklace

Paige Hemmis has a DIY inspired by Hallmark Channel’s “The Good Witch” premiere this Sunday, Paige Hemmis is making a Message in a Bottle necklace. Paige jokes that you can even make your necklaces while watching the show. She even places tiny little messages in the bottles before putting them on the necklace chain.

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Plant Sunflowers Now

Gardening expert, Christy Wilhelmi is the backyard talking about the benefits of sunflowers. She explains that sunflowers attract pollinators and increase the garden’s yield. When planting, you should clear the area of any rocks and gravel and space the seeds about 12-18 inches apart. Give the sunflowers 90-110 days to fully mature.

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New Social Security Guidelines - Home & Family

New Rules on Social Security Spousal Benefits

Financial expert Harvey Warren informs you on the new rules of social security when it comes to age-related deadlines. Harvey recommends visiting the social security website to see where you stand when it comes to your age and benefits.

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