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Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Nancy O’Dell Interview

Host of “Entertainment Tonight” Nancy O’Dell stops by to chat with Mark and his two guests hosts, Matt Iseman and Matt Rogers. Nancy has been staying busy with her new clothing line, which includes blouses, jumpsuits, sweaters and faux leather jackets. She even hosts a fashion show with some of the family members. During the interview she also talks about her husband, Keith Zubulevich and their recent ten year anniversary celebration!

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Chef Elizabeth Falkner Cooks

Both Matts are in the kitchen with Elizabeth Falkner as she prepares Cavachiette with Salmon Tartar and Sicilian Sauce. When it gets too crowded, Mark says a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is the only way to decide who joins Elizabeth and in the end it is Matt Iseman helping her. Elizabeth talks about her time on “The Next Iron Chef,” as well and describes cooking as a sport.

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Styling Tailgate Essentials

Kym Douglas is here with some cool essentials that will make your tailgate party a hit. She introduces the guys to NFL gear like jerseys, hair accessories, food trays and even stylish shoes that shows your support for your favorite team!

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DIY Video Game Cabinet

Both Matts and Mark are in the garage getting ready to make a DIY that all gamers will love; a video game cabinet. This cabinet is a great way to keep your games and controllers organized and add a little fun decor to your game room!

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Bering Sea Gold

Emily Riedel of Discovery’s “Bering Sea Gold” sits down with Home & Family to talk about her job as a Captain and Gold Miner. Emily works in dredge mines for gold and explains that it is very hard work and a very expensive job, especially when there is a 95% fail rate. She recommends scouting your locations before beginning to mine. If you are going to mine, you have to be ready for risk!
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Kormos Greek Dessert

It is Debbie Matenopoulos’s turn to be in the kitchen and she is cooking a Kormos Greek Dessert. She explains that this dessert is very easy to make and delicious to eat. Mark jokes that if she is going to make this dish, she needs to speak in Greek while describing it and she obliges. This recipe has been passed down from Debbie’s very own grandmother.

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Ask the Matts

Guest hosts Matt Rogers and Matt Iseman sit down and get ready to answer your questions from Facebook!

DIY Refrigerator Letter Magnets

Tanya Memme shows you how to add some extra decoration to your kitchen by making your very own refrigerator magnets. You can get as creative as you want and in Tanya’s case, her daughter Ava even joined in on the fun!

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Pets in the Classroom

Laura Nativo is joined by Dr. Stewart to talk about Pets in the Classroom program. The incentive is to teach children how to be compassionate towards pets and people, as well as encourage empathy and respect. 2.5 million children currently have a pet in the classroom around the nation. The students can read to the pets, pet them and learn how to care for them.

Get more information at PetsintheClassroom.org and PetSmart.com