Adam Shapiro Interview

The actor visits Mark and Cristina to talk about his new movie, “Steve Jobs,” where he plays Avie Tevanian. He jokes that he is a real life computer nerd so this role was perfect for him. He shares the story that his co-star Michael Fassbender would serve the cast and crew coffee and tea during their night shifts. In real life, Adam is married to “Scandal” actress Katie Lowes, where he even played her character’s dead boyfriend on the show!
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Voodoo Shrimp - Home & Family

Voodoo Shrimp

Attila Bollok is in the kitchen to prepare Voodoo Shrimp. The Executive Chef from Barton G. Restaurant shows off some of his famous dish displays before getting down to the cooking. He also prepares a delicious vodka cocktail that he calls the Sabrinatini!

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Do It Yourself Halloween Ghosts - Home & Family

DIY Halloween Ghosts

Paige Hemmis is in the front yard adding more Halloween decor to the house. She is joined by Adam Shapiro and Mark Steines to help her out. She also reminds viewers to make sure they purchase weather resistant lights for this DIY. The entire project will only cost you $40 and make your house look extra festive!

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Hana Hayes Interview

Hana Hayes sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her new comedy on Fox, “The Grinder.” The actress has such great chemistry with her co-stars, Fred Savage and Rob Lowe and talks about the improving that goes on while on set. Aside from acting, Hana has also started her own fashion line with her mother, even wearing a shirt she designed herself.
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Hands-Only CPR

High school student Madi Giese is joined by American Heart Association CPR Instructor, Sylvia Beanes as they talk to Mark and Cristina. Madi just recently shared her story of saving a life using hands-only CPR while at a tennis tournament. She admits she was nervous performing the CPR at first, but she knew she was saving a life. Sylvia explains that you can learn CPR is only 22 minutes and is easy enough for anybody. Both women demonstrate hands-only CPR on dummies.

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Apples in Threes - Home & Family

Apples 3 Ways!

Discover all the ways you can use apples during this fall season. Cristina shows you how to make your very own tart healthy apple smoothies. Meanwhile, Kym makes an apple beauty scrub and then Sophie shows you how make an apple super cider, which is loaded with antioxidants.

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Matt’s Ultimate Halloween Plan

Matt Rogers is joined by his two sons Brayden and Mason to show you their ultimate Halloween candy plan! Matt maps out the his neighborhood, from early bird neighbors to mean dogs. Matt even knows which houses give away the big candy bars and which ones give out pennies!

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Beer and Cheese Pairings - Home & Family

Beer and Cheese Pairings

With handcrafted beers and artisanal cheeses on trend right now, Kristin Nuss Farrand discusses what pairings are best. She pairs pumpkin ale with blue cheese, triple cream brie with a pale ale and goat gouda with a nice amber ale. She recommends the cheese should be tasted first, then the beer after, to marry the flavors together.

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Do It Yourself Hanging Planters - Home & Family

DIY Hanging Planters

Tanya Memme shows you how easy it so to make your own hanging planters. She explained that since moving into her new place, she wanted to find a DIY that would be fun to do with her daughter, Ava. This DIY will cost you only $12 but if you buy it retail, it will cost you $35!

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