Brooke Burke Visits

Actress Brooke Burke stops by Home & Family to talk about her new show “Breaking Bread with Brooke Burke.” She joins Cristina in the kitchen to cook up her Tuna Puttanesca, a recipe influenced by her recent trip to Paris. She describes how food brings back memories and that is why she has such a love for cooking. Brooke and her husband David Charvet have four kids all together and each has a love for cooking.

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Must-Have Beauty Products - Home & Family

Beauty Must-Haves

Kym Douglas has been doing her research and has a list of some new beauty must-have products!  From a self-heating face mask to bio-oil that helps get rid of stretch marks, you are going to want to check these items out!

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Braided Blanket - Home & Family

DIY Braided Blankets

Paige Hemmis shows you how to save hundreds of dollars by making your very own braided blanket. The key is to repurpose old robes, flannel shirts, sweaters, t-shirts or baby blankets. Cristina says she came across a braided blanket in a retail store and it was selling for $600, so making your own is definitely the way to go! Just remember to learn how to braid before making the blanket.

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Winterizing Your Home - Home & Family

How to Winterize Your Home

Matt Rogers is back and teaming up with Mark to show you how to prepare your home for winter. Mark talks about weatherstripping your home, which seals off drafts and helps keep the home warm. You can buy weatherstripping in various materials, including foam, metal, nail metal and vinyl. Vinyl is the most sturdy of them all. Mark also points out that weatherstripping a home is a good way to introduce your older children to power tools, letting them help with the installation.

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Ariane Andrew Interview

WWE Diva “Cameron,” real name Ariane Andrew, stops by to discuss wrestling with Mark and Cristina. Aside from wrestling, Ariane also is involved with a fight to end cyber bullying, especially since she has been the victim of it, too. Her campaign “Wrong #” is to shine a spotlight on hurtful behavior online. Ariane also enjoys singing and has just released her second single, “Wrong #,” her first entitled, “Bye Bye.”

The Hidden Power of Spice - Home & Family

The Hidden Power of Spice

Dan Kohler is back in the kitchen talking about spices. With cooler weather approaching, Dan talks about the dark spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, which are described as “winter” spices because of their use in warm beverages. The difference between herbs and and spices is that herbs come from the greenery of a plant while spices are from bark, roots and seeds. Finally, Dan says you should cook spices first before adding them to food to best enjoy their flavor.

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Dining Skills

Lisa Cache, founder of Beverly Hills Manners, sets up a table for Mark, Kym and Matt to test them on their dinner manners. Lisa is a self-described etiquette expert and offers up some suggestions to her “students” on how they can improve their table manners.

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Christmas Shopping Tips - Home & Family

Holiday Shopping for Men

Lawrence Zarian gives you some tips to make shopping for the men in your life a lot easier. First off, he encourages you to create a size chart so you know the clothes you buy for the man in your life will fit. Also, to avoid a busy shopping day, visit the mall during a weekday. He also recommends teaming up with a few family members to buy one big gift instead of each buying several so-so presents.

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Dr. Jenn Mann

“Couples Therapy” psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Mann sits down with Home & Family to talk about the new season of her VH1 show. She also takes the time to answer some relationship questions that Paige and Kym have.

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Ask the Family

The family members all gather around to answer some of your questions from Facebook.