Pitch Perfect 2 Interview

Hana Mae Lee and Alexis Knapp hang out with Mark and Cristina and gab about the sequel to their smash hit movie “Pitch Perfect.” The girls talk about how much fun it was to be reunited with the rest of the cast for “Pitch Perfect 2.” Alexis says it was almost like returning to the second season of a television show. Both actresses have something unusual in common: they own bearded dragons for pets!

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Lumber Liquidators - Home & Family

Lumber Liquidators

Paige Hemmis reveals the latest flooring trends happening for 2015. The “New Neutral” for hardwood floors is gray and it matches a lot of furniture. Whitewashed hardwood floors are also making a comeback this year. Paige enjoys the textured look for her own house, which creates a modern and rustic look. She reminds people that low gloss and high matte flooring requires less maintenance than other high gloss styles.

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Mark’s Knockout Nachos - Home & Family

Mark’s Knockout Nachos

Mark is in the kitchen cooking up his Knockout Nachos, which he warns are very spicy and asks “how hot can you take it?” When it comes to meat, Mark uses a flank steak, that marinates for two to four hours. He challenges Cristina to add a jalapeño pepper to the nachos, and Dan Kohler pronounces he loves them!

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Fruity Beauty - Home & Family

Fruity Beauty

Kym Douglas shows you how you can reduce redness in your face by creating a mask that includes strawberries, honey and tomatoes. She adds all those items to a bowl and mixes, but don’t chop the tomatoes up. She says that the acidity in all three ingredients will help to wipe out the redness. Keep the mask on for 15 minutes. She also makes an Acai Smoothie, which helps with your skin and metabolism. Kym then makes her own self-tanner!

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“Where Hope Grows” Interview

Kris Polaha and David DeSanctis sit down with Mark and Cristina to talk about their movie, “Where Hope Grows.” The story is about an ex-baseball player played by Kris who befriends a boy with Down Syndrome, played by David. David, who has Down Syndrome in real life, said his first day on set was like magic and that he loved working with Kris every day. Kris describes how David is a natural actor. The movie even held a screening for an audience of people with Down Syndrome, which meant a lot to David because he found out he was considered a role model for so many.

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DIY Mini Pinatas - Home & Family

DIY Mini Pinatas

Tanya Memme shows you how to make your very own pinatas, just in time for the Cinco de Mayo festivities! Tanya explains that the pinatas cost only cost three dollars to make and are an excellent way to recycle old cereal boxes. She also reminds parents that if they make these for birthday parties, it an excellent way to control their kids’ sugar intake because they fill each mini-pinata separately.

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The Science of Making Butter

Food Nerd Dan Kohler is in the Home & Family kitchen to discuss the process of making butter. First things first, shake cream in a jar for six minutes. He explains butter is nothing but milk fat that has been shaken up. The milk fat needs to be 30% or higher to turn into butter, which is even higher than whipping cream! Any water drained from the butter creates buttermilk.

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Hug Wraps

Cancer survivor Brenda Jones decided to make and design Hug Wraps, which are an alternative to depressing hospital gowns for cancer patients. She says the gowns are cheery, soft, and warm and are there to provide comfort to patients. When Brenda made her own gowns, she had patients requesting similar ones, which was the motivation for Brenda to start making more. Brenda was even featured on the home improvement show, “George to the Rescue” where she built a brand new work space in her home. That episode would go on to win an Emmy!

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Sophie’s Mother’s Day Basket - Home & Family

Health is Wealth Gift Basket

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Sophie shows you how to make a healthy gift basket for mom. This includes coconut chips, coconut oil, dark chocolate and a healthy nut mix with walnuts and almonds and she also adds an essential oil, which is the gift that keeps on giving.

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