Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

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George Hamilton and Ryan Merriman Interview

The actors sit down with Mark and Cristina to dish about their new film, “The Congressman” which is in theaters now. Aside from talking about the movie, George also opens up about his recent heart surgery and jokes that it was necessary to keep pace with women he is interested in! The conversations turn to romance when Ryan talks about his marriage proposal and his recent wedding. Home & Family has a surprise for George when they bring out fitness expert Ashley Borden to show him some new workout moves.

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Stuffed Turkey Burgers - Home & Family

Stuffed Turkey Burgers

Chef Ellie Krieger is in the kitchen explaining that just because food is healthy for you, doesn’t mean it needs to lack in taste. Today she is making stuffed turkey burgers, which are Greek-style with feta, spinach and tzatziki. She recommends using white meat since it is lower in saturated fat. Ellie recommends serving the burger in a pita but you can also serve on a whole wheat bun or a lettuce wrap. For more delicious recipes, check out Ellie’s cookbook, “You Have it Made.”

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DIY Finalist: Analy Garcia - Home & Family

DIY Carousel

Dream Jobbing finalist Analy Garcia is at Home & Family showing you how to make your own decorative carousel. She explains that her number one rule is that her DIY projects are affordable, usually costing around ten dollars. She even warns Mark ahead of time that she would be using glitter today! She was so thankful for her experience of being on Home & Family that she made Mark and Cristina their very own coffee mugs.

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Marcia Clark Interview

Attorney and author, Marcia Clark visits Home & Family to talk about her latest book, “Blood Defense” and takes the time to recount her experience as lead prosecutor on the OJ Simpson trial. She also opens up on what it was like having Sarah Paulson playing her in the recent mini-series about the trial. The two women had dinner before Sarah started filming the series as Marcia and she felt Sarah did a flawless job. Most recently, Marcia has recently re-released her memoir, “Without a Doubt,” with a new forward and afterward. Marcia’s recent turn as a fiction writer uses a lot of her experience as a defense attorney, a job she had before becoming a prosecutor.

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How to Dress a Woman from a Man’s Closet

Lawrence Zarian is back giving you some styling tips for women who are inspired by men’s clothing. He mentions that this fashion trend has been going on for years from Marlene Dietrich to Diane Keaton. He hosts a fashion show featuring women in men’s shirts, ties and even hats.

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Bringing a Rescue Pet Home - Home & Family

Acclimating Your Pet to a New Home

Celebrity dog trainer Joel Silverman is back with King, a ten-year-old pug mix. Together, they are showing you how to help your pet acclimate to their new home. He advises that you begin training the dog immediately and that the more you delay, the more you encourage bad habits. Make sure your home is ready with toys, food and supplies before bringing the dog home. He also strongly recommends crate training your dog to help them get used to their new environment.

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DIY Oversized Clock - Home & Family

DIY Oversized Wall Clock

Paige Hemmis is here to showing you how to make a stylish and fun oversized clock that would be a perfect addition to any room. When it comes time to assimilate the actual working clock, all you need is a triple A battery. The roman numeral numbers that she super glued to the clock were found online, but the rest of the supplies can be found at your local craft store.

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Vehicular Heat Stroke - Home & Family

Vehicular Heat Stroke

Dr. JJ returns to talk about vehicular heat stroke. She explains that 54% of the children left in a car is completely accidentally by their caregiver. The doctor is here to explain the dangers of leaving children in a car, especially as the weather gets warmer. A person in a car can suffer from extreme heatstroke, but children suffer from it even faster. She introduces Mark and Cristina to a couple of products that are designated to help remind the driver there is a baby or child in the car.

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