Rolanda Watts Interview

Host and actress Rolanda Watts sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her longtime career! She shares special moments, including one of her most memorable guests, James Brown, who actually proposed to her on national TV! She didn’t marry him, but she did build a solid friendship with the legendary singer. Rolanda has been staying busy by writing her first novel, in which the forward was written by her good friend, the late Maya Angelou. Rolanda also opens up about her new movie, “Sister Code.”

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Lamb Chop Scottaditto - Home & Family

Lamb Chops Scottaditto

Cristina is joined in the kitchen by Chef/Host/Author Marc Murphy, who gets ready to prepare his Lamb Chops Scottaditto. He recommends choosing chops that have plenty of fat on them for flavor. When you grill the chops with lemon, they release the natural juices. Also, don’t over-salt the meat or it will lose its moisture. Don't miss Marc on "Chopped All-Stars," Tuesdays, 10/9c on Food Network.

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Summer Shoe Trends

Debbie Matenopoulos talks about the hottest trends in shoes for the warmer weather. She says that Birkenstocks are in style again and she ends up showing a softer side to the famous sandal. Another trend are light shoes with fabric straps. Hooded sandals are cute for kids and Debbie declares the cork shoe as the hottest trend of summer!

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Tech Gadgets for Travel

Digital Lifestyle Expert Carley Knobloch shows Mark, Cristina and Rolanda the hottest tech gadgets out there for the person who loves to travel. Carley says these gadgets are all designated to make traveling easy, especially for those with children, something that Mark can relate to with his two young sons.
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Amanda Crew Interview

The “Silicone Valley” actress chats about her role on the HBO show. She says a benefit of working on the show is like getting the brothers she always wanted. Aside from acting, Amanda also loves photography and taught herself the skills, which she says works great with her busy schedule. Amanda’s latest project involves her photography called the “100 Day Project” which promotes creating something new every single day for 100 days. Don't miss Amanda in "Silicone Valley," Sundays, 10/9c on HBO

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Wedding Cake Time - Home & Family

Wedding Cake Time!

With their wedding quickly approaching Jason Short and Paige Hemmis find the time to try wedding cakes by Hansen’s Cakes owner, Patrick Hansen! Paige admits that this wedding is getting overwhelming and there has been a lot of planning going on. Some tips when it come to designing a wedding cake is to order a white cake for tier one (to avoid staining teeth and clothes.) Add more flavors as you add tiers to the cake, the second tier should be marbled, the third tier should be a wild card, like red velvet or tiramisu. Finally, the top tier can be whatever you want because it is just for the bride and groom on their first year anniversary.

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Do It Yourself Fringe Necklace - Home & Family

DIY Fringe Necklace

Tanya Memme shows you how to save money by making your own fringe necklace. You can create this look by using simple materials like an old t-shirt, long necklace or chain and various fabrics for accents. You can add leather, as well, for extra texture.

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The Science Behind Carbonation - Home & Family

The Science Behind Carbonation

Food Scientist Dan Kohler shows Home & Family the science behind carbonation. He starts with making his own soda. If you set up your own home carbonation system you can control the amount of “fizz” in your drinks. When carbonating a drink, the colder the water, the better. That is why you never see warm carbonated drinks. Heat makes CO2 evaporates in warm liquid. CO2 is trapped in cold temperature.

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Soybean 101 - Home & Family

Soybean 101

Shirley Bovshow talks about soybeans and how we consume them daily. You can find soy in eyedrops, shaving gel, lotion, shampoo, make-up, cooking spray, vitamins and tea - even laundry has some soy products! When growing soybeans, harvest in 60-80 days and plant the seeds two inches deep and six inches apart. Keep the seeds evenly moist and seedlings will emerge in one to two weeks.

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