Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

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Sage Steele's Banana Bread - Home & Family

Sage Steele

The TV host sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her show, “SportsCenter on the Road” and “NBA Countdown.” She shares that she developed her love for sports by watching them with her dad and brother! At just 17 years old she decided she wanted to be a sports broadcaster. After her interview, she heads to the kitchen to bake her famous banana bread.

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Fast Talking

Former Guinness World Record Holder John Moschitta visits Home & Family to talk about what it is like being a fast talker. He even provides some warm-up tips, including repeating the tongue twister, “Peter Piper” and “Ya Got Trouble” from The Music Man.

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Functional Fashion

Kym Douglas introduces you to some handy fashionable products you will want to check out. This includes Lace Bandelettes, which prevents your thighs from chafing and neckties that can also clean your glasses.

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Re-Invent Your Vents - Home & Family

Re-Invent Your Vents

Using aluminum sheets, paint, a picture frame, hot glue and tin snips, Ken Wingard shows you how to update your vents. Adding the picture frame to the vent gives it a finished look.

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Andrea Navedo

Actress Andrea Navedo visits Home & Family to talk about her popular series on The CW, “Jane the Virgin,” which you can catch Mondays at 9/8c. She also recalls watching Spanish telenovelas with her grandmother while growing up. Before “Jane the Virgin,” Andrea has also acted on “One Life to Live” and “Guiding Light.”

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Pancake Sausage Muffins

Debbie is in the kitchen whipping up the perfect sweet and savory dish for breakfast: pancake sausage muffins. Cook the sausage first and set aside, then mix the pancake batter to add into the muffin pans, then add the cooked sausage.

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DIY Balloon Wall - Home & Family

DIY Balloon Wall

Orly Shani is showing you how add extra decorations onto your wall, using balloons, tape and fishing line to create your very own balloon wall. The fishing line is what you will be using to tie the balloons to the wall, once they are all blown up.

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Shemika Charles

The self-described “Limbo Queen,” Shemika Charles visits Home & Family to talk about what is like being a two-time Guinness World Record Holder for her limbo talent. She also demonstrates her skills, by limboing while balancing five plates.

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The Science of Stale Bread - Home & Family

The Science of Stale Bread

Dan Kohler is breaking down the science of stale bread. He explains that staling happens when moisture migrates out of the soft starch molecules inside the bread. He also points out that bread stales faster when placed in the fridge. If you use a breadbox, you will expand the freshness by three days.

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