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Cristina Cooks with Monica Potter

Actress Monica Potter stops by to join Cristina in the kitchen. Monica talks about the opening of her very own craft store, Monica Potter Home, in Garrettsville, Ohio. She talks about this important moment for her company, and brought video along from her grand opening. The actress has been staying very busy because she is currently in pre-production for her brand new sitcom. Together, Cristina and Monica create a Tomato Mozzarella Tower from Cristina’s cookbook.

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DIY Vacuum Packing

Kym Richards shows how you easy it is to make your own space bag practically for free! Using a garbage bag with string ties and a vacuum with a hose, you can create so much extra space in your suitcase by placing your clothes in the trash bag and sucking the air out with the vacuum!

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The Travel Trio - Home & Family

The Travel Trio

The travel trio, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, Donna Perkins and Tracy O’Connor are back to give you the scoop on affordable spring break travel. Carolyn recommends Bermuda and says it is great for paddle boarding, boating and historical sights. San Antonio, Texas is great for looking at The Alamo, antiquing and river tubing. Donna suggests Montreal for walking tours, skiing, and French culture and architecture. She also suggests Santa Barbara, California to check out The Mission, Ostrich Land, and Quicksilver Ranch. Tracy believes Mammoth Mountain in California is perfect for skiing, snowshoeing, and water sports and she also suggests Lake Powell, Arizona for house boating.

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Do It Yourself Spring Showers Door Hangers - Home & Family

DIY Spring Showers Door Hangers
Ken Wingard shows you how to make your own Spring Showers Door Hangers using umbrellas, ribbon, zip lock bags, water storing crystals and flowers! He loves the idea of using live flowers because they are fresh in bloom, right now.

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Forrest Wheeler and Ian Chen Interview - Home & Family

Forrest Wheeler and Ian Chen Interview

Actors Forrest Wheeler and Ian Chen sit down with Mark and Cristina to talk about their ABC comedy “Fresh off the Boat.” The boys play brothers on the show and Forrest jokes that he plays the ladies’ man. The two actors are also very excited to share that basketball legend Scottie Pippen will be guest starring on a future episode. Ian closes the interview by singing the song “Warriors.”

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Frosted Chocolate Cake - Home & Family

Chef Marisa Churchill’s Healthy Dessert

Chef Marisa Churchill is known for creating guilt-free desserts and this time she’s baking a chocolate cake! The author of “Sweet & Skinny” says the trick is to use key substitutes for some of the heavier ingredients in baking.

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Amazing Uses for Salt - Home & Family

Amazing Uses for Salt

Sophie Uliano gives you several amazing uses for salt. From making toothpaste to getting out coffee stains, there are so many uses for the regular table salt you have around the house.
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Lawrence Zarian Outfits the Men

Author and Lifestyle Expert Lawrence Zarian is back to talk men’s fashion. Lawrence styles Mark with the perfect first date outfit. After Mark, Lawrence turns his attention to Matt Iseman’s style. Lawrence believes all men should wear polished shoes, toss out stained shirts, and accessorize with a watch.

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Long Term Remedies & Treatments with Sinusitis

Matt Iseman MD breaks down how to treat sinusitis, which is an inflammation, or swelling of the tissue lining up the sinuses. The causes can be anything from allergies, deviated septum or a cold causing swelling of tissue that blocks ostia. Symptoms include nasal discharge, stuffiness, pressure and headaches.

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