Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

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Stalllone Ricotta Cheesecake - Home & Family

Frank Stallone

The Grammy-award nominated singer/songwriter Frank Stallone talks about his career, which includes his overnight success with the song, “Take You Back” that he wrote for the movie, “Rocky.” He also opens up about the ups and downs of success in Hollywood. He is joined by his niece, Scarlet Stallone in the kitchen and the two make a ricotta cheesecake, which is a low-fat alternative to cream cheese.

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Movie Night Must-Haves

Kym Douglas is showing you the right way to enjoy a stay-at-home night at the movies by giving you a list of unique products to try out.

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Saban’s Power Rangers

The cast of the new Power Rangers movie sit down with Mark and Debbie to talk about their new roles. Becky G, Ludi Lin and RJ Cyler also open up about their favorite Power Ranger memories. The film opens in theaters on March 24th.

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DIY Magazord Couch - Home & Family

DIY Megazord Couch

Ken Wingard is stepping up your couch’s look and getting into the Power Rangers spirit by making it a Megazord couch using just plywood, nails, wood glue and paint.

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Meow Madness Christmas Brackets

Debbie shows you how to participate in Hallmark Channel’s Meow Madness Christmas Bracket. The bracket is currently open now through March 23rd and you can fill out a new bracket once per day. Don’t miss Meow Madness on Hallmark Channel, Monday, April 3rd at 8/7c when the winning movie will be revealed!

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Cauliflower Baked Ziti - Home & Family

Baked Cauliflower Ziti

The “Detoxista” Megan Gilmore is in the kitchen preparing a healthy and delicious version of baked ziti using cauliflower. She recommends adding a lean meat like ground turkey to the dish for more protein. The ziti will last up to three months in the freezer after you are done preparing it.

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DIY Lemonade Stand - Home & Family

DIY Lemonade Stand

Kristin Smith is joined by her son Kingston to show you how to make your own lemonade stand, a great DIY to do as the weather gets warmer. For Kingston, he donates the money he makes to his local church. The entire cost of this project is $40.

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Hot Workout Styles

Celebrity stylist Robby LaRiviere is back and talking about hot workout hairstyles and showing you how to get the look at home.