Hunter King Interview - Home & Family

Hunter King Interview
Actress Hunter King joins Mark and Cristina to talk about hew new movie “A Girl Like Her” which is a story that focuses around bullying. Hunter shares that she drew on her own personal experiences for the role, and that she had some real difficulty portraying the character in the film. Mark asks Hunter about her own difficulties with bullying, and she recounts some examples from high school. To her surprise, Hunter won a daytime Emmy in 2014, and talks about being unprepared for the winning moment! “A Girl Like Her” opens in theaters on March 27th.

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Molten Peanut Butter & Fondant Cake - Home & Family

Cristina Bakes!
Today, Cristina bakes up a recipe courtesy of Donna Hay magazine. This recipe is for “Molten Peanut Butter & Chocolate Fondant Cake” which is served immediately out of the oven to ensure a molten center. The family members love this rich dessert!

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Must Have Hats for the Season
Lawrence Zarian visits to talk about the hottest in hat trends. Celebrities like Pharell and Jessica Alba are influencers in the current hat trend. Lawrence brings hat for all of the family members and talks about why he chose each one! Cristina receives a wide brimmed hat which is chic and sophisticated and offers protection from the sun. Mark gets a fedora, Sophie receives a bell-shaped hat called a cloche, Ken a trilby hat, Tanya a felt fedora hat with a silk flower on the side, and finally Matt Iseman receives a newsboy cap!

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Emergency Preparedness: Home and Car
Chris Ipsen from the Los Angeles Emergency Management Dept. and Jeff Edelstein from S.O.S. Emergency Products join the show to share some important advice about staying safe in an emergency. Chris says one important concept is “sheltering in place” which means being self-sufficient in an emergency. For foods be sure to keep a can opener with your canned food and have a propane stove on hand.  Jeff says you can never have enough flashlights and batteries! Tips include not using candles for lighting, having basics like sleeping bags, wool blankets, food, water, lighting, warmth, first aid, hygiene, medication and communication. Jeff next talks about what are good items for a car emergency. Your kit should include many of the house items, as well has heat packs, gloves, a radio and a multi-purpose tool.

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Do It Yourself Leash and Treat Holder - Home & Family

Ken Wingard’s DIY Leash and Treat Holder
Ken helps you to get organized with your doggy items near the front door! He shows off several designs and demonstrates the easy steps for this DIY.

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Lindsay McCormick
Female Sportscaster and Reporter Lindsay McCormick talks about making it into the “boy’s club” of sports reporting and how she gained the respect of her peers. Lindsay has gained the respect of athletes she works with by not reacting to stressful situations.  Lindsay focuses on not responding to negativity and working harder to get the story. Lindsay has sports in her blood, and her family taught her to never give up and to have a strong backbone!

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St. Patty's Day Treasure Hunt - Home & Family

St Patty’s Day Treasure Hunt!
Tanya Memme has a clever children’s game idea for celebrating this spring holiday. Tanya shows how to create the map to be used for the treasure hunt, and the leprechaun sized door that appears in a different room of the house each day.

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Phone Chargers 101 - Home & Family

Portable Phone Battery Chargers
Matt Iseman is up next with a host of ideas for keeping your phone charged up during the day! Matt says having a backup plan for your charging is key. The Mophie Juice Pack is both a battery and case in one. The Ianker Astro Mini is very compact. The Zendure Portable Charger is powerfuland durable for long trips. Finally the Jackery Giant has dual ports and is ultra high capacity for multiple devices.

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Latest Natural Lifestyle Products
Family member Sophie Uliano recently visited the Natural Expo West Convention
and brings back some natural and innovative new products to share! Sophie’s favorites include:

Gardein Crabcakes

Sweet Leaf water drops

Seventh Generation Coffee Press Mugs

Earth Balance Avocado Oil Spread

Mychelle Sugar Cleanser

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