Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

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Summer Crostini Two Ways - Home & Family

Summer Crostini Two Ways

Author of “From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home,” Tembi Locke is in the kitchen showing you two ways to make crostini. She pairs one crostini with a fava bean puree. The second crostini she prepares with a homemade sun dried tomato and almond tapenade. Before spreading your toppings on the crostini, place a little garlic and olive on them for extra flavor.

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DIY Pearl Wedding Accessories - Home & Family

DIY Pearl Wedding Accessories

Orly Shani is celebrating June Weddings by showing you how to make your own accessories using pearls. Before getting started, it is very important to choose the right size of faux pearls to help elevate your style. Today, she is making a pearl headband, a pearl hair clip and a beautiful belt.

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Kirk Franklin

Grammy award winning gospel singer and host of “Sunday Best,” Kirk Franklin sits down with Home & Family to talk about his career and his new song, “Love Theory.” The song is already number one on the gospel charts. He also shares a clip from the music video. He opens up about his childhood and discovering the love for music at a young age. Don’t miss his show, “Sunday Best,” when it premieres June 30th at 9/8c on BET.

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DIY Eye Makeup - Home & Family

DIY Homemade Eye Makeup

Kym Douglas is introducing you to recipes to make your own mascara, eyeliner and makeup remover, based on chemical-free ingredients. When done, she places her formulas into handy little containers that you can also give away as gifts.

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Easy Ropa Vieja - Home & Family

Ropa Vieja

Food and lifestyle expert Alejandra Ramos is in the kitchen making a flavorful ropa vieja. She uses flank steak for this dish, but you can easily substitute in brisket, skirt steak and beef chuck. If you are looking to make this dish vegan, you can even use jackfruit. Every ingredient brings out a different flavor and leaves the house smelling delicious.

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Favorite Wedding Apps

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno is introducing you to her favorite new wedding apps for when you are planning your big day! She talks about the Honeymoon Giveaway where one winner will receive a trip for two, to Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort located in the French Polynesia.
You can enter on Facebook ( by commenting on the pinned honeymoon giveaway post with a photo of you and your partner along with a brief love story. You can also enter via Instagram by posting a photo of you and your partner along with a brief love story with the hashtag #HFHoneymoon and by following @homeandfamilytv and you can enter by the mail by mailing a letter containing a photo of you and your partner along with a brief love story and phone number to PO Box 349, North Hollywood, CA 91603. See link to rules below.

The Wedding Spot, Download for Free

Table Planner, Download for $1.99

The Guest, Download for Free

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Corinne Foxx

Host of “Beat Shazam,” Corinne Foxx sits down with Cameron and Debbie to talk about the gameshow. She co-hosts the show with her father, Jamie Foxx, where the contestants have to beat a computer when it comes to identifying hit songs. The winner can take home up to a million dollars! You can catch “Beat Shazam” on Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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Toilet Paper Tic Tac Toe Shelf - Home & Family

DIY Toilet Paper Tic Tac Toe Shelf

Today, Ken is showing off a fun and creative way to store toilet paper. This DIY resembles a tic tac toe game! To get started, he shows you how to trace the lines you will be cutting into the wood. Before using your saw, make sure you have your safety goggles in place on your face. If you cut your wood perfectly, you won’t even need glue to assemble!

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