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Soap and Benson Reunion

Two iconic television shows, “Benson” and “Soap” have a reunion on Home & Family and relay some great memories. Katherine Helmond, Robert Guillaume, Robert Mandan and Jay Johnson joke about the wonderful times they shared during their time on the show. Aside from two Emmys, Robert Guillaume has also been honored with the Golden Mask Award from the Hollywood Appreciation Society. Actor Rene Auberjonois joins the interview later to continue talking about the joys he had with working on “Benson.”

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Grilled Flatbread Veggie Pizza - Home & Family

Taste of Home

Cristina and Mark are in the kitchen Skyping with Darla Andrews as they cook up her “Taste of Home” recipe, Grilled Flatbread Veggie Pizza. Darla admits that she wasn’t always the greatest cook but with practice she improved. She recommends using all types of vegetables and when you use naan, it makes the pizza quick and easy.

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Fashion Tricks for Mom

Debbie Matenopoulos shows off some of the latest fashion tricks for working moms. She provides a list of very helpful online shopping tips using social media. She also shows you how to use a closet cork board to post photos of yourself in outfits you really love. Finally, Debbie introduces Stella & Dot jewelry that you can wear in a variety of ways.

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Ask Shirley

Shirley Bovshow is here to answer some of your social media questions. When it comes to creating backyard privacy, plant trees in a triangle diagram so tree canopies are close. You can also add more privacy by hanging potted plants.

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DIY Patriotic 4th of July Buckets - Home & Family

Patriotic 4th of July Buckets

Paige Hemmis is back and making some patriotic 4th of July buckets and showing you how you can, too! Because Paige is such a fan of the “rustic chic” style, she has taken sandpaper to the buckets to create a rustic look. She suggests using the buckets for napkins, drinks, silverware or any other party favors. You can create a more modern look with sleek paint colors.

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Sunscreen Safety - Home & Family

Sunscreen Safety

Dr. JJ sits down with Home & Family to discuss sunscreen safety and children. A recent study has said only 25% of children wear sunscreen regularly. She suggests looking for mineral sunscreens for babies and kids, because they are less irritable to skin. She also recommends applying sunscreen every two hours or at least every 90 minutes if the person is getting wet or sweating. Finally, Dr. JJ cautions sunscreen users to be on the lookout for the ingredient oxybenzone, because it can cause irritation and local allergic reactions in all ages.

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Iced Tea 101

Iced Tea 101

Sophie Uliano is getting you ready for summer by showing you how to make your own refreshing iced tea. Sophie recommends using loose leaf tea for the health and taste benefits. Green and white teas contain polyphenols, which is a powerful anti-oxidant and can help prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases. She also reminds the audience that honey and agave do not dissolve well in cold brews.

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Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Marc Peralta of Best Friends Animal Society talks to Mark and Cristina about Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. He discusses why this initiative is so important in addition to Hallmark Channel’s own pet project with Happy the Cat. Only 52% of shelter cats are adopted or saved out of a shelter and Marc explains that with the help of Hallmark Channel’s initiative, this number can be higher. Cats are naturally self-reliant and make excellent pets.

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