Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

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Curtis Stone Stops By - Home & Family

Grill Like a Pro

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone is back and here to show you how to grill like a pro. Before getting started, he talks about his new Los Angeles restaurant, Gwen, that he is about to open up with his brother. The restaurant was named after his grandmother. Curtis credits Gwen to teaching him about farming and old fashion cooking with natural ingredients. Curtis introduces Mark and Debbie to various cuts of meat. He recommends taking your meat out 30 minutes before grilling and to never be afraid to over season your meat with salt, pepper and oil, but don’t oil the grill.

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Double Duty Beauty

Kym Douglas is showing you how to multitask with your beauty products. Today, she introduces Home & Family to products that serve dual purposes. From Ldeux bracelets that also act as hair ties to SlimMe Upper tank tops, which is a shirt that also tucks in your problem areas.

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DIY Basketball Net - Home & Family

DIY Basketball Hoop

Orly Shani is joined by her son Connor and her two young nephews to show you how to make your own basketball hoop. Mark helps out because he is the master behind the power tools. But by the end, Mark gives Orly some helpful tips on how to use the electric saw and she suceeds. In the end, the entire DIY will cost you $30 and the best part is the kids will be entertained for hours.

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Paul Zerdin Interview

Season 10 “America’s Got Talent” winner, Paul Zerdin sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about how how his career has taken off since winning for his ventriloquist act. Today, Paul can be seen live Las Vegas’s Planet Hollywood Resort. He demonstrates his skills for Home & Family, only he is using Mark and Debbie as his “dolls.” After, he introduces his puppet, Albert, to the hosts.

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Beauty Alternatives for Pregnant Women - Home & Family

Safe Beauty Alternatives During Pregnancy

Kirstin Smith is back with Kym Douglas to talk about some safe and healthy alternatives to beauty products that you should check out if you are expecting. When it comes to teeth whitening, Kym suggests using baking soda and lemon and scrubbing it on your teeth. If you are a pregnant woman who uses chemical hair treatment, Kym also recommends a hot comb or hot oil treatment. Finally, Kristin finds out that press-on nails are safe alternative to acrylics.

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DIY Patriotic Beachy Citronella Candles - Home & Family

DIY Patriotic “Beachy” Candles

Maria Provenzano is back to get you ready for the Fourth of July with this sweet smelling DIY. She is using Citronella candles, which are an all-natural way to keep mosquitos at bay. She decorates the candles with sand and seashells and even adds that kids will love to help. She turns this into a patriotic DIY with using red, white and blue sand to fill the candle jars. This entire DIY will only cost you $15.

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Girls’ Night In

Debbie Matenopoulos is planning a fun girls’ night in for those looking to entertain for their friends at home and save money. She suggests getting all your friends to pool money together to find a babysitter for all their kids, then all those moms can gather around, drink wine and catch-up. She also has suggests getting your girlfriends together to share different skills with one another.

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Best Mom Products Invented

Inventor Sherri French visits Home & Family to discuss some of her favorite recently-invented products. From a special calendar that gives a reason to celebrate every date to a waterproof phone pouch.

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Keeping Pets Safe From the Heat - Home & Family

Keeping Pets Safe in the Heat

Chief Veterinary Officer from The Lucy Pet Organization, Karen Halligan is talking about how to protect your pets from excessive heat. She recommends a TheraCool Cooling Gel Pet Bed to keep your pets cool indoors. There are also booties to protect dogs from hot pavement when they are on their walks. As the heat rises, make sure your pets are getting plenty of water to avoid heatstroke.

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