Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

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Kevin Sorbo Interview

The actor is sitting down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his new faith-based movie, “Joseph & Mary” which is available July 5th at Digital HD and on DVD. Kevin has always been close to his faith, even attending a Billy Graham Crusade when he was a young teen. Kevin’s family is also very important to him and he even shares the story about his youngest son, Shane’s, birth who weighed 12.5 pounds!

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Soul Cake - Home & Family

Soul Cake

Celebrity pastry chef, Bree Miller is with Debbie in the kitchen showing off her crazy cake skills that made her famous. Today she is in the kitchen baking a cake that demonstrates her love for soul food that she calls Soul Cake. The cake itself has three layers of cornbread and is stuffed with mac & cheese and candied yams. She tops the cake off using mashed potatoes as frosting with a drizzle of gravy. The savory cake is a big hit with the family members.

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DIY Jewelry Frame - Home & Family

DIY Jewelry Frame

Ken Wingard is joined via Skype by Lisa Hines, who helped inspire today’s DIY, a jewelry frame. Ken shows you how you can make your own at home using a shadow box, paperclip, hot glue and jewelry. When it comes to the jewelry, Ken uses brooches, necklaces and bracelets to place on the frame. After you place the jewelry on the frame, stencil it the way you want.

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Refreshing Summertime Cocktails - Home & Family

Refreshing Summertime Drinks

Debbie is giving you some delicious cool beverage recipes that you can try with the warmer weather. Each drink can be served with or without alcohol, depending on who you are serving and what you want.

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Allison Paige Interview

Allison visits Home & Family to talk about her new film, “The Dog Lover,” which opens in theaters and on demand, July 8th. The film centers around a journalist who does a story about safe and legal dog breeding. When it comes to the most challenging role, Allison says it was playing “Trajectory” in CW’s, “The Flash,” because of all the choreography involved in the role.

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DIY Driveway Patch - Home & Family

DIY Driveway Patch

Matt Rogers and Mark talk about how fix cracks and divots in your driveway. The guys explain that driveway cracks can happen with temperatures change or foundations settle. When it comes to patching those cracks and divots, clean it thoroughly. The entire cost of doing your patchwork following Mark’s instructions will only cost you $20.

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Wearing a Maxi Dress

Lawrence Zarian is giving you some insider tips on how to sport a maxi dress three different ways. He’s a huge fan of the maxi dress because you can wear it casually or wear it elegantly. The maxi dress is also so trendy because it goes with all shapes and sizes.

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Home & Family Roundtable

The family members gather around to discuss how they get good deals and save money when it comes to doing the things they love.

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Blue Flowering Plants - Home & Family

Blue Flowering Plants

Shirley Bovshow is showing you how to add extra color to your garden with beautiful blue flowers. She explains that bright flowers attract bee pollinators. She also introduces you to some flowers you might want to check out when it comes to updating your garden, including lobelias, blue hydrangeas and cape plumbegos.