Aaron O’Connell Interview

Actor Aaron O’Connell stops by to talk about his hit series, “The Haves and Have Nots.” Aaron shares the story of how he got the role of dashing Wyatt Cryer on the show and what it was like receiving that first phone call from show creator, Tyler Perry. In real life, Aaron is dating model Natalie Pack and enjoys flying his own 4-seat plane as a hobby.
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Kym’s Selfie Solution

Kym Douglas is back and showing you the latest in selfie solutions which include simple devices that you attach to your smart phone to take the perfect selfie photo! She even has a device you attach to your shoe that allows you take a photo with your toe!

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Blonde Brownie Cheeseake Sundaes - Home & Family

Blonde Brownie Cheesecake Sundaes

With National Cheesecake Day happening on July 30th, Executive Pastry Chef from The Cheesecake Factory, Chris Radovan stops by to prepare Blonde Brownie Cheesecake Sundaes for the Home & Family crew. Chris points out that you can get half-price cheesecakes at The Cheesecake Factory on both July 29th and July 30th! So stop on by and treat yourself.

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Chris Mann Performs

Former contestant of “The Voice,” Chris Mann sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his latest adventure, performing in the modernized “Phantom of the Opera” on a national tour. He treats the Home & Family audience to a performance of the song “Music of the Night.”

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Do It Yourself Entryway Baskets - Home & Family

DIY Entryway Basket

Ken Wingard shows you how using some scrap wood and paint, you can create a decorative entryway basket. Ken’s quick tip for a country finish is dry brushing. The firmer the brush bristle, the better.

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Baby Tips and Tricks

Debbie Matenopoulos has some helpful ideas and tips when dealing with a baby. The new mother suggests wearing a lab coat over clothes to protect from spills and spit-up. She uses a watering can and shower caps to wash a baby’s hair and avoid getting shampoo in the eyes. Finally, she recommends taking a fabric glove and sealing it with beans and giving it to your baby so it feels like the pressure of a hand is on her body while sleeping.

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Child's Sickness and Traveling - Home & Family

Dr. JJ Talks Child Sickness and Travel

Dr. JJ opens up about what you need to know if your child gets sick while traveling. She encourages parents to plan their trip out. Write down information about the closest children’s hospitals and also research the rules of insurance outside states and countries. If your child gets sick while on vacation, allow them recovery time to get better, as well. Dr. JJ also shows you how to make your own child emergency kit.

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Great Uses for Dried Roses - Home & Family

Great Uses for Dried Roses

Sophie Uliano shows how you all the wonderful uses for dried roses, including making rose-infused sugar, creating your own rose potpourri and making your own rose water, which is great toner for dry skin. Sophie emphasizes that the roses should be organic, as well.

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Ask the Family

The family members all gather around to answer you Facebook questions! From curly hair solutions to spicing up wardrobes, the family has you covered!