Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

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Gambas Pil Pil

Author and Food & Travel author Simon Majumdar is in the kitchen preparing a delicious tapas dish of gambas pil pil with peeled shrimp. The meal is influenced by North African and Spanish cuisine. He also provides some helpful tips, like mincing the garlic into tiny bits for enhanced flavor. Finishing your dish with parsley will eliminate your garlic breath.

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Andrea Savage

Producer/actress Andrea Savage talks about her TruTV series, “I’m Sorry,” which airs Wednesdays at 10/9c. She talks about the experience of creating, producing and acting in her own show. Before getting into acting, Andrea earned a degree in political science.

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DIY Street Art Tennis Shoes

Orly Shani is taking sneakers and fabric markers and showing you how to turn them into a fashionable work of art. She encourages you to use freehand to create your very own custom design. The best part is that this DIY is free!

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Maverick and Me

Lifestyle expert and author Katherine Schwarzenegger talks about her childhood growing up with animals and how those experiences helped inspire her to write a children’s book about rescue animals. “Maverick and Me,” will be available at bookstores in September. The book is named after her own rescue dog, “Maverick,” who was found neglected and living under a freeway.

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Farm to Face Beauty

Kym Douglas is introducing to new beauty products using items you would find on the farm, including a face mask made of egg and a moisturizer using donkey milk.

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Grilled Vegetable Tacos with Superfood Salsa

Chef Nikki Martin is in the kitchen cooking flavorful tacos with a homemade salsa. She advises you to add squash to the indirect heat section for more efficient cooking. Make sure you rub the grill with high-quality oil to ensure the vegetables don’t stick.

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DIY Pen Case

Maria Provenzano is creating the perfect DIY pen case to hold his and her pens that many couples traditionally receive as a wedding gift. Maria also discusses common wedding thank you card trends that you can find today. These include adding a photo from your wedding inside the card, and making sure you acknowledge the gift so the recipient knows the card is personal.

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Baby’s First Birthday

Ali Fedowsky-Manno is back and today she is discussing how to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. This includes fun themes, for example Ali used a unicorn theme for her daughter, Molly’s recent first birthday. She also recommends round tables for your party because they are great for kids and adults.

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Bare Shoulders for Summer

Lawrence Zarian is introducing you to the latest in off-shoulder fashion that is perfect for summertime!

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Science of Chromatography

Dan Kohler is breaking down chromatography. He explains that as water travels upward it takes parts of the colored solution with it. He even performs a demonstration for the family members.

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