Christina Elmore Interview

The star of TNT’s drama, “The Last Ship” sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about the return of the television series. The legendary Alfre Woodward plays Christina’s mom on the show and is simply in awe of sharing scenes with her. Christina also shares how her co-stars helped her make the transition from theater actress to television actress.
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Fruit Salad with Mint, Honey and Lemon Syrup - Home & Family

Fruit Salad with Honey, Mint and Lemon

Chef Jet Tila joins the Home & Family kitchen to create a delicious summertime dish using fresh fruit! Jet explains that the more scented the fruit, the more full of flavor it will be. If fruit appears to be more colorful and vibrant, it means it is sweeter. He also encourages you to mix fruit colors and textures to create a beautiful dish. The added syrup will just enhance the flavor of your fruit salad!

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DIY Marbled Glassware - Home & Family

DIY Marbled Glassware

Tanya Memme shows you a great way to use all those old bottles of nail polish, marbled glassware! Grabbing some tape, glasses and toothpicks to go along with your nail polish, Tanya shows you just how easy it so to create this beautiful DIY. Just remember that the glassware should only be hand-washed.

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My Giant Life

The star of the TLC reality show, “My Giant Life,” Lindsay Hayward opens up to Mark and Cristina about life as a 6’9” woman. Lindsay has learned to dismiss the bullies growing up and now she embraces her self-acceptance. Cristina points out that Lindsay has such a positive attitude and is a ray of sunshine when she walks into a room. Lindsay is always the first to address her height before someone else can, it’s her way of taking leadership in terms of her height.
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Erin Cummings Interview

Actress Erin Cummings sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her new ABC series, “The Astronaut Wives Club.” She relates a lot to her character, because the show is about everything being impossible and dreaming big. Aside from acting, Erin also runs a charity, Mittens for Detroit, which donates mittens and gloves to Detroit’s needy. Mark and Cristina donate a basket of mittens and gloves to an elated Erin.
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DIY Hanging Pallet Bed - Home & Family

DIY Hanging Pallet Bed

Paige Hemmis cut a wood pallet in half and makes her own hanging bed. She repurposed the pallet from her wedding to create this DIY. Paige jokes that she could have used the 6’9” Lindsay Hayward to help her hang it when it was finished!

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Getting Feet Ready for Summer

The Foot Nanny, Gloria L. Williams is here to talk about how to get your feet beautiful for summer! She was first inspired by growing up and watching her father soak her mother’s feet. Gloria has Oprah’s seal of approval when she added Footnanny Foot Cream to her list of “Favorite Things.” Gloria uses a combination of Reiki, Tai and Reflexology, for a 2000 stroke foot massage! Gloria has also created kits for you to bring to your nail technician.

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Do It Yourself Natural Deodorant - Home & Family

DIY Natural Deodorants

Sophie Uliano shows you how to make your very own grapefruit antibacterial push-up deodorant using coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax pellets, zinc oxide, grapefruit essential oil and 2 oz. tubes. She also makes deodorant body spray, using distilled water, aloe vera juice, your favorite essential oil and 4 oz. sprayer bottle. The best part: These will keep you dry all day long!

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Dry Drowning - Home & Family

Dry Drowning

Dr. JJ sits down with Home & Family to talk about the dangers of dry drowning. 10% of drowning victims die of dry drowning every year. Victims may experience cough, chest pain shortness of breath, trouble breathing or fatigue and says be mindful of symptoms, especially parents to children who have been playing in water. Always enforce pool safety and help your child build strong swimming skills.

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Ask the Family

Paige Hemmis, Tanya Memme, Dr. JJ and Sophie Uliano sit down to answer questions from Facebook!

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