Alanna Ubach Interview
Actress Alanna Ubach joins the show to talk about her show “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” which airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo. She talks a bit about what is happening this season on the show and she shares an intense scene with Mark and Cristina. Alanna talks about the importance of real life best friends, and shares some school age memories about she and her best friend Erin. Alanna’s husband and dog Stuart are on set as well; their beloved pooch was a stray hit by a car and has lost one leg. The actress is a huge fan of artist Klaus Oldenburg’s sculptures and she is working on some of her own at home. Right now her project is a large TV dinner sculpture and she shows it off to Mark and Cristina!

Hover Board Safety Guidelines - Home & Family

Hoverboard Safety
Dr. JJ and Kym team up to talk about some guidelines and the safety basics of using a Hoverboard. A Hoverboard is a self-balancing skateboard that is powered by lithium carbonate batteries. Several injuries like fractures, sprains, contusions and head injuries have been reported. The batteries are directly beneath the foot plate - if the covering is compromised the liquid inside can leak and is extremely flammable! Amazon and Target have temporarily suspended sales. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty before you buy and look for recall notifications.

Cubano Sandwich - Home & Family

New Year’s Cubano Sandwich
Chef Katsuji Tanabe returns to Home & Family to prepare a flavorful sandwich using pork roast and Chimichurri sauce! The chef talks about his Cuban stepfather and the great dinner they enjoy on New Year’s Eve. Cristina helps out with the dish by preparing the marinade- it is important to roast the pork overnight for more flavor. Since pork tenderloin can be dry, the sauce is key!

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DIY Stone Earrings - Home & Family

Do It Yourself Stone Earrings
Tanya is back with a DIY featuring a hot look in jewelry!  Tanya loves this runway trend and wanted to experiment with creating this look for a lot less money. You will need stone pendants, simple chain, hooks, jump rings and the magic ingredient - a large hoop with attached ring!

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Jadyn Douglas Interview
Actress Jadyn Douglas talks about her love of telenovelas which began when she was just a child. Jadyn plays Roxie in the new NBC show “Telenovela”  which airs on Mondays at 8:30/7:30c. The actress has toured with Katy Perry, Neo and Flo Rida. She loves working with Eva Longoria and shares a funny clip from the show. Finally, Mark and Cristina get a lesson in overdramatic acting!

Messy Eater Must-Haves
Kym Douglas has some innovative ideas for keeping messy eaters in order! If you are a multi-tasker these tools can help. Goodies include a hotdog 2-in-1 dispenser, a corn kerneler and washable keyboard.

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Logitech washable keyboard, under $40

Crafting Storage Shortcuts
Ken is in the craft room with some handy solutions for crafting supplies. You can save shelf space with a custom spray paints organizer. Use a file hanger to help organize material, and use a garment bag to perfectly store wrapping paper!

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DIY Skinny Tea - Home & Family

Sophie’s DIY Skinny Tea
Sophie Uliano helps you ring in the new year with an all-natural skinny tea that is beneficial for your health and can help you with your weight loss goals! Many products on the market can contain unsafe amounts of caffeine and give you stomach aches. Some red flags include “miracle” and “gardenia cambogia” which is not regulated. Sophie’s recipe includes green tea which has an antioxidant call catechin that aids in reducing body fat and cholesterol. Matcha contains more catechin than any other kind of tea. Other ingredients are hibiscus tea, lemongrass tea and dandelion root. You can store the tea mixture for up to six months in an airtight container.

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Dog Training in the New Year - Home & Family

Dog Training in the New Year!
Laura Nativo is on the show with some healthy dog training habits for the new year. She works with show producer Larissa who is accompanied by her new dog Muppet. Some tips include always having treats when training your dog. Dogs are more responsive to new concepts when owners are close to them. Always be happy with small progress and be patient.

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