Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

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Alanna Ubach Interview
Actress Alanna Ubach visits Home & Family to talk about the upcoming 3rd season of TV show, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. She also opens up about having met her husband on a blind date and on keeping her marriage healthy. She also recalls having worked with both the late Carrie Fisher and the late Debbie Reynolds.

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Not So Guilty Pleasures
Kym Douglas shows you how some of your favorite guilty pleasure foods may have some not so guilty benefits. Such benefits of such things as dark chocolate are protection against sun damage, improving blood flow and hydration. Kym also notes to look for dark chocolate that is of 70% or higher cocoa content. Old fashion marshmallows use to carry marshmallow root that helped with cough, congestion and mucus, & has antibacterial properties. It also contains gelatin which can also help ease your sore throat. Kym adds that marshmallow root can still be bought in supplement form. And lastly, cheese neutralizes plaque acid and helps maintains a healthy pH level. She does warn that you should eat these in small amounts.

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DIY Dog Bowl with Food Storage - Home & Family

DIY Dog Bowl with Food Storage Station
Dylan Neal shows you how to make this practical and pet friendly DIY for your dog’s food bowls and for storing the food under.

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Potted House Smoked Salmon - Home & Family

Potted House Smoked Salmon
David Codney, Executive Chef of The Peninsula in Beverly Hills, shows you how to make delicious and flavorful smoked salmon. He also gives tips on how to lessen the onion’s bold flavor by placing in ice water.

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Dying of a Broken Heart
License Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser stops by Home & Family to answer the question if someone can die of a broken heart. She talks about broken heart syndrome and fatal grief and what that can do to the person experiencing it. She also answer what you can do to help lessen the impact by making more moments with those around you before death and surrounding yourself with others to create a support system.

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Pictionary: Winter Activity Edition
The H&F family and guests play a winter activity edition of Pictionary.

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Straight No Chaser, Acapella Group
Acapella Group, Straight No Chaser perform “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” and “Proud Mary.” They also talked about how they formed the group when they were all in college at Indiana University.

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DIY Goal Board - Home & Family

DIY Goal Board for 2017
Paige Hemmis shows how to make this simple DIY goal board to help you stick to your 2017 goals for the new year.

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Best January Post-Holiday Sales
Debbie shows how to save money and find the best post-holiday deals. She also tells you how to decipher the wording for “end of sale” dates.

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The Science of Braising Meat - Home & Family

The Science of Braising Meat
Dan Kohler prepares a lamb shank recipe and breaks down the science of braising meat and a brief history of how this technique came about. He also talks about the reason for braising and how it works to tenderize even the hard cut meats.

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Edible Playdough - Home & Family

DIY Edible Playdough
Kristin Smith shows you how to make this fun for the whole family non-toxic edible playdough. She also shows you an easy and less messy way you can make this with ziplock bags.

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