Robin Lord Taylor Stops By

Actor Robin Lord Taylor talks about his new hit Fox show, ‘Gotham.’ Robin plays the famous ‘Penguin’ on the show, a role that was made iconic by actors Burgess Meredith and Danny DeVito. He talks about how wonderful it is to work with Carol Kane, who plays his mother on the show. Robin even brings a clip of ‘Gotham.’ After, Robin shows Mark how to do his special “penguin” walk.

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Chef Aida Mollenkamp Cooks

Chef Aida Mollenkamp joins the Home & Family kitchen to cook up Tropical Breakfast Bruschetta. Aida has been staying busy with her new show “Off Menu” on Tastemade. Cristina describes the finished product as an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

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Teri Polo Visits

Actress Teri Polo stops by to talk about the renewal of her hit show on ABC Family, ‘The Fosters.’ Teri talks about what it was like working with her co-star Sherri Saum and how she has become a best friend. She reveals that in her 28 years as an actress, she’s never had such a well-rounded experience as she has on ‘The Fosters.’ Teri shows Mark and Cristina a clip of the show and Mark describes her character as a “Mama Bear.” She also shares what it was like to work with her idol, Meryl Streep when Teri was only 19.

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Debbie Matenoupolos on Office Fashion

TV Personality Debbie Matenoupolos is back to talk about office fashion. Crest jackets are a fashion trend that should be left in the 80’s. Statement t-shirts are too flashy and quirky for an office. Jumpsuits are now in fashion, but you have to wear it right. Neutral colors in jumpsuits are best for accessorizing.

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Alanna Ubach Interview

Actress Alanna Ubach talks to Home & Family about her hit show, ‘Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.’ She shares a story about getting into a fender bender recently and realizing that a little bit of her brassy character from the show “Jo” came out with the other driver. Alanna had a great childhood and was obsessed with Boy George, where she would even dress up as the musician.

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Kym Douglas’s Boo Boos

Beauty Expert Kym Douglas shows how boo boos can be fun. You can use a cast to help keep your toes warm during colder weather. When it comes to ice packs, you make it a fun project with your kids and decorate them.
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Cristina Cooks!

Cristina Skypes in with Sue Gronholz from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin to cook up Sue’s Apple and Cheddar Mini Scones. Sue submitted her recipe into the ‘Taste of Home’ Magazine was chosen and now she is cooking with Cristina! The key is to make sure the butter is cold. Cristina says the most unusual ingredient is sage, but adds so much!

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Adopting Senior Dogs

Dr. Kwane Stewart and Marc Paralta visit to talk about the Hallmark Channel’s Pet Project: Adopting Senior Dogs. The benefits to adopting an older dog is that they are usually already trained and more mellow than a puppy. Always remember that all dogs need exercise and plenty of love. Senior dogs would be any dog older than the age of six. Remember that each dog has a specific diet that works for them, it is important to take your dog to the vet to answer any questions you might have.

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Sophie’s DIY Baby Wipes

Natural Beauty Expert Sophie Uiano shows you to make your very own DIY baby wipes. Debbie loves helping make the baby wipes since she is a new mom, herself!

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