Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

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Brian McKnight Interview

The singer/songwriter/producer Brian McKnight is visiting Home & Family to talk about his iconic career. He opens up about what it was like growing up with family that influenced him musically, especially his mother who he says had a better singing voice than he did. Brian is currently staying busy getting ready for the release of his new CD, “An Evening with Brian McKnight,” which comes out September 23rd, which was recorded live. After his interview, the singer performs for the audience.

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The Man with No Pulse

Fitness model Andrew Jones is visiting Home & Family to talk about what it is like being a 22-year-old who was diagnosed Cardio Myopathy. This condition resulted in Andrew spending four months in the ICU, until given a device to help him gain a pulse. He explains that the unit can last 5-6 years or until the doctors can find a perfect heart match.

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DIY Bathroom Storage - Home & Family

DIY Bathroom Storage

Ken Wingard is in the craft room to show you how to take a fruit boxes and turn them into storage units for your bathroom. He mentions you can find the crates at a craft store or for a more rustic feel, get a used one at a farmer’s market. This entire DIY will cost you under a hundred dollars.

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“Gordimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street” Interview

Robyn Lively and Sloane Morgan Siegel talk about their Amazon Prime series on Home & Family. New episodes are currently streaming and the actors talk about upcoming storylines. Robyn has been an actress since she was three-year-old and even talks about different techniques her mother taught her to memorize lines. While Sloane opens up about his own childhood growing up in West Virginia.

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The Science of Ice - Home & Family

The Science of Ice

Food scientist Dan Kohler is in the kitchen breaking down the science of ice and how it is made. He explains that ice is less dense than water, which is why it floats. After his lesson, he serves up some delicious snow cones.

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Cheeseburger Meatballs - Home & Family

Cheeseburger Meatballs

Shay Shull of Mix & Match meals is in the kitchen making cheeseburger meatballs. She also talks about her latest book, “Mix & Match Meal Planner” which includes recipes, shopping lists and even season menus. It is very user-friendly for all, those who have cooked for years and those who are just learning how. The appetizer is huge hit at the kitchen bar.

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Saving Money with AAA

Buck Fraser is talking about all the ways you can save money using your Triple A card. He explains that you can get a complimentary one-day car rental using your card, you can also get a free emergency fuel delivery and now you can also earn WOWPoints using your card, which allows you to actually get real cash back.

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DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case - Home & Family

Pressed Flower Phone Case

Orly Shani is showing you how to spruce up your phone by adding pressed flowers to your case. She says you can find the pressed flowers on Etsy and a bag of them will cost you less than five dollars. She advises you to place the flowers where you want them to go head of time on the case and take a photo. This entire DIY will only cost you $4.

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Going for the Olympic Gold - Home & Family

Going for the Gold

Matt Iseman breaks down how Olympians are created. He explains that some of these athletes are born with the talent, but they also have to put in extra-work when it comes to training for their sport. Matt also talks about the rise of gene doping, which is much harder to test than steroids.