Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

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Suzy Nakamura Interview

The actress sits down with Home & Family to discuss her role on ABC’s comedy, “Dr. Ken,” which premieres its second season on September 23rd. Suzy also opens up about on what it was like growing up with her Japanese family and the actress even admits her new current obsession, Pokemon Go!

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Breakfast Pull-Apart Bread - Home & Family

Breakfast Pull-Apart Bread

Cathy Mitchell is visiting Home & Family’s kitchen today and she is bringing with her a tasty breakfast treat, pull-apart bread! Cathy has been cooking for 60 years now and got her start selling items at the county fair. The creator of “Dump Dinners” says she first discovered her love of cooking from her grandmother when she was a little girl. All of her recipes are designed to be quick and save time.

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How to Slim Down for the Red Carpet

Kym Douglas talks about working with Dr. Goglia, who Skypes in to talk about his diet. For the last seven days, Kym eliminated dairy, bread, fizzy drinks and alcohol. She gave this diet a try to help eliminate some excess bloat she had been battling. Both the doctor and Kym talk about how losing weight is 80% in the kitchen and 20% in the gym.

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DIY Statement Boots - Home & Family

DIY Boot Bling

Orly Shani is in the craft room with a DIY inspired by a photo she saw in Elle Magazine. After she spotted a cute $2700 pair of boots she thought she could make her own for a fraction of the cost. Using a pair of boots, trim, scissors, jump rings and jewelry pliers, she takes an ordinary pair of boots and blings them up. She recommends finding the trim at a bridal shop, because the material looks richer. This entire DIY will cost you between $10-$35!

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Malina Wessman Interview

Molina sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her new movie, “Nine Lives,” which opens in theaters this Friday. Debbie tells Malina how big of a fan she was of the movie. In the film, Malina stars opposite Kevin Spacey, who plays her dad turned cat in the film. The actress also opens up about how fun it was working with Pelly the Cat, even dressing her up in cute outfits like a pirate and funny wigs.

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Mark Steines Makes Fudge - Home & Family

Mark Makes Fudge

Mark learns to make fudge in the kitchen with the help of viewer, Tamara Hasenkamp, who Skypes in from Brighton, Colorado. Tamara talks about learning how to make fudge from her own mother. This recipe stood out for Mark because it had originated from Iowa, where he is from. The fudge recipe that Mark is about to make from Tamara is over 50 years old. The fudge is a big hit with the family members.

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Treating Psoriasis

Matt Iseman is here to inform you about psoriasis and how to treat it. Psoriasis is a common skin condition, causing cells to build up rapidly on the skin, creating painful patches. The condition affects more than 6 million people in America. He recommends trying a topical cream first to treat it, but also looking into phototherapy, systemics and biologics. As always, consult a doctor for any treatment.

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DIY Puzzle Piece Cutting Board - Home & Family

DIY Puzzle Piece Cutting Board

For a fun and functional DIY, we turn to Paige Hemmis who is making a puzzle piece cutting board. First things first, she recommends looking for a hard wood and avoiding oak. The key is to not have water or bacteria seep into the wood. She suggests walnut, maple, cherry or bass wood. This entire DIY will cost you $15.

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DIY Body Scrub Cup

Sophie Uliano is making her own all-natural body scrub cup, which is refreshing and cool for the skin. By adding lavender essential oil to the recipe, it will make your skin smell amazing. The other ingredients help with scarring, wrinkles and provide anti-oxidants. This scrub is also gentle enough to use on your face.

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