Cary Deuber Interview

Cary Deuber of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Dallas,” visits Home & Family to talk about the reality series. Cary is also a registered nurse, who frequently works by the side of her plastic surgeon husband. The husband and wife team also spread good deeds by working with children all over the world born with cleft palates. She jokes that sometimes it is easier to perform plastic surgery then it is to interact with some the women of “Real Housewives of Dallas.”

Guilt-Free Turkey Gyros - Home & Family

Alex Thomopoulos Cooks!

Alex is back in the kitchen showing you a lighter version of the traditional Greek Gyros recipe. Instead of lamb, she uses dark turkey, to help lean the dish out. The lean dark turkey meat holds more moisture, which helps keep it from drying out. The turkey is so flavorful that Cristian cannot even believe it is not lamb. Alex says if you want to make the gyro even healthier, you can replace the pita bread with lettuce, instead.

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DIY Cat Suitcases Bunk Bed - Home & Family

DIY Kitty Bunk Beds

Paige Hemmis has the “purr-fect” DIY for those cat owners out there, DIY Kitty Bunk Beds that are created by repurposing an old wooden suitcase. This comes from her own cats who love hanging out in suitcases when she is packing for a trip. After making this DIY, she encourages you to sprinkle a little catnip into the beds to entice them to crawl in and investigate!

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What’s Trending

Crowdfunding is becoming popular when it comes to maternity leave and Kristin Smith talks about if it is appropriate or not. Jennifer Warren-Baker Skypes in and talks about turning to “GoFundMe,” to help crowdfund her maternity leave. She has raised over $3,000 for her maternity leave, allowing her to spend almost six weeks of maternity leave with her newborn baby. She also talks about the criticism she received since her story went viral.

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Anne-Marie Johnson Interview

The actress talks about the last season of her series, “Children’s Hospital,” which airs Fridays at 11/10c on Adult Swim. She calls this the best gig she has ever had and enjoyed her time with fun co-stars including Henry Winkler. In the show, she plays a therapist and brings a clip for Mark and Cristina to enjoy. Anne-Marie has also just received the 2016 SAG-AFTRA award Ralph Morgan Award for distinguished service, after 17 years of serving on the board. She is the first African-American to ever receive such an honor.

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DIY Mantel Decoration - Home & Family

DIY Mantel Decoration

Ken Wingard is shows you how to decorate your mantel by using the “rule of three,” this includes placing three items on your mantel for balance. Use similar sized items on the mantel to maintain the balance. The key trick is to balance the mantel by using three pieces on one side and one on the other. The best part is that none of the items need to be overly expensive, so this can be a very easy project.

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Devices for the Kid Inventors - Home & Family

Devices for Kid Inventors

The Gadget Guy, Dave Matthews, is showing Mark and Cristina how you can use LittleBits electronic building blocks to create inventions, a product that is wonderful for children with big imaginations. He also introduces you to the $35 computer called “Raspberry Pi,” which encourages kids to explore programming and coding.

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Foundational Beauty - Home & Family

Foundational Beauty

Kym Douglas is talking about the keys to foundational beauty which includes a good undisturbed sleep. She goes on to explain that foundational beauty is the base of health and well-being. She encourages you to practice relaxation exercises to help ease the tension in your face and body. Finally, Kym introduces you to Vitafusion Beauty Sleep, Vitafusion Relaxed Mood and Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin & Nails to help revitalize your foundational beauty.

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Ask the Vet

Dr. Tina Olivieri of NatGeo’s “Pet Talk” sits down to answer some common questions pet owners have about their dogs.