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Friday, October 10th, 2014

Melissa Etheridge
Singer Melissa Etheridge is happy with who she is today and is relishing in the present, confident that her latest album features her best music yet. She's proud to have such creative freedom now that she's on an independent label and producing real, live music in collaboration with some big name producers. Find out which track is her favorite and how she's using social media to spread the word. The mom of four shares her Halloween traditions and celebrates being cancer-free for a whole decade! Learn why she limits the amount of sugar she consumes and where she displays her awards collection. Plus, take a look at her album cover art, which is comprised of fan photos assembled in a mosaic portrait of Melissa. Next, clap along as Melissa sings "A Little Bit of Me."

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"Top Chef" Brooke Williamson Cooks Salted Cod Clam Chowder with Braised Bacon in a Bread Bowl
"Top Chef" first runner-up Brooke Williamson tells us why she returned to compete on "Top Chef Duels." Then, straight off the menu from her restaurant Playa Provisions, Brooke cooks salted cod clam chowder with braised bacon in a sourdough bread bowl. Learn all about the concept of her eatery that's divided into a whiskey bar, seafood restaurant, cafe, and creamery.

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Pumpkin Fragrance with Kym Douglas
According to Kym Douglas, the way to a man's heart is through his nose and a study shows that men are attracted to the smell of pumpkin. She introduces us to pumpkin scented room spray, diffuser, body lotion, and more. Plus, Kym teaches us to make a DIY pumpkin foot scrub.

Kym's Manicure Recipe:

3 Tablespoon almond oil
½ cup pureed pumpkin 2 tablespoon honey ¼ cup plain yogurt Pumpkin fragrance, lotion, and shower gel are available at

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Teyonah Parris
Actress Teyonah Parris recounts the audition and callback process for her role on "Mad Men." Before landing the part, hear about her struggle to make it big in LA. Now, Teyonah stars in "Survivor's Remorse" about the life of a pro basketball player off the court and tells us what it's like having LeBron James as an executive producer. Plus, find out about her trip to India.

"Survivor's Remorse" airs Saturdays at 9/8c on STARZ.

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Etiquette Expert Lisa Gache
Etiquette expert and "Beverly Hills Manners" author Lisa Gache teaches us to mind our manners at the dinner table. Learn to politely follow the lead of the host at the head of the table, napkin protocol, how to properly hold utensils, and much more.

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DIY Cinnamon Pumpkin Candles
Keep that autumn smell permeating through house even if you don't have a pie baking in the oven. Cristina pours slow-burning soy or bees wax into a hollowed out pumpkin to make a candle that'll last about a week. For a longer lifespan, use ceramic. She also demonstrates how to place the wick in the center. This makes a great hostess gift for $15 or less.
Take a whiff of these instructions>>

Sophie Uliano Helps Matt Rogers Curb His Sugar Craving
Sophie Uliano is stepping in to help get Matt Rogers on track to reach his weight loss goal by finding alternates to sugar-filled favorites. Matt admittedly has a weakness for nightly scoops of ice cream. Sophie reveals the three ingredients needed to make sugar free coconut ice cream that cuts the calories and the price of store bought. Learn how Sophie took matters a step further by completely cutting sugar out of her own diet and lost her craving for it after only two weeks.
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DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall Monogram with Ken Wingard
Ken Wingard is on a roll with one wood pallet project after another. Today, he collects more planks for free at the grocery store to nail together a board. Then, he spray paints and antiques wooden monogram letters to hang on the board. You can also make a picture frame too if you'd like.
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National Pet Obesity Awareness with Laura Nativo
Animal trainer and pet lifestyle expert Laura Nativo alerts us to pet obesity rates and the health issues that may arise. Get an update from Mark on his slimmer Fat Fred. Laura informs us that weight gain in animals can be caused by ingredients in commercial pet foods, such as hidden carbs. She recommends feeding our furry friends human grade food.

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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
Best Friends Animal Society is teaming up with Hallmark Channel! This kicks off our "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month." Every day for the month of October we'll be having a furry friend here on set that is up for adoption.

Visit our gallery of dogs available for adoption today, courtesy of Best Friends!

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