Nicky Hilton

"365 Style" author Nicky Hilton has been a fashionista ever since her mom dressed her and sister Paris in adorable identical outfits. The sisters often fought over clothes until they took their styles in different directions. Learn Nicky's fashion formula with the numbers 3-6-5 to simplify your wardrobe with the essential holiday wardrobe staples that should be in your closet. Get the scoop on collars, the LBD, blazers, jeweled box clutches, and shoes.

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Snug As a Bug with Kym Douglas

Kym Douglas has the hottest items of the season to stay warm and cozy during your staycation this winter. Wrap yourself up in this glow-in-the-dark Bright Eyes Blanket or a heated blanket with sleeves. Keep your neck toasty with a heated tie. And, walk around in slippers designed by a podiatrist. Plus, Kym suggests sprinkling cayenne pepper in socks and shoes for added warmth.


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  2. The Huggie Buddy Heated Blanket with Sleeves,, $79
  3. Heated Neckties, available soon at
  4. Stylish Orthaheel Slippers,, start at $59.95

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DIY Holiday Blocks with Ken Wingard

Ken Wingard uses scrap lumber and scrapbook paper to build DIY holiday blocks. He spells out THANKS for Thanksgiving and flips the blocks around to spell JOYOUS for Christmas. Two decorations in one!

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Cristina Saralegul

TV host and "Rise Up & Shine" author Cristina Saralegul is often referred to as "The Spanish Oprah." In her motivational and honest book, Cristina shares advice with ambitious women to shatter the glass ceiling in the workplace. She discusses the commonality of women facing low self esteem issues and the importance of honing in on a passion to dedicate their life to. Find out how Cristina shares parenting responsibilities with her husband, who used to play with the Miami Sound Machine. And, hear about Cristina's drive to complete her education at the University of Miami when her dad ran out of money.

"Rise Up & Shine" is in bookstores now.

Sugar Impact Diet with JJ Virgin

Nutrition and fitness expert and author JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS educates us on the hidden sugar content in foods often thought of as healthy. You may be surprised to learn that a green drink or cereal with milk and juice contain higher sugar levels than soda or an ice cream sundae, respectively. This is contributing to eating an average of three pounds of sugar weekly and the pre-diabetic and diabetic epidemic in America. Learn more about natural sugars, dangers of fructose, and carbs that raise blood sugar. JJ introduces us to all-natural sweeteners she uses to make her chocolate avocado mousse with cacao nibs.

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ZOOM interiors Media Room Reveal

ZOOM interiors, LLC co-founders Madeline Fraser, Beatrice Fischel-Bock, and Lizzie Grover reveal the newly redecorated "Home & Family" media room with the traditional look selected by viewers. They walk us through the entire ZOOM process from filling out a survey to consultation to filling your ZOOMcart with inventory, sizing, and price breakdown. The women explain how they select neutral big ticket items and bring color into the room through accessories that can be easily changed. Then, Mark Steines teaches us how to tuft a bench seat to utilize our bay window.

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Ask Sophie Uliano
Sophie Uliano addresses "Home & Family" viewers directly by responding to questions fans have submitted. Get her suggests on cookware that won't peel or scratch, as well as nontoxic and nonstick pans. Find out how to include more leafy greens in your diet without juicing. She dispells the myth that coconut oil in facial cleansers will clog pores. And, gets tips on eating healthy white eating away from home during the holidays by packing snacks in your suitcase.

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Patrick & Brenna Shannon
Helping Hands for Freedom co-founder SSG Patrick Shannon and daughter Brenna Shannon discuss the orgazination's mission to help the family unit. Patrick elaborates on his own time serving in the military and the injuries he sustained. Helping Hands for Freedom aims to assist families in their struggle to make ends meet while waiting for money from the government. The Dream Chasers program fulfills the wishes of children whose parents are serving in the armed forces. Brenna shares a story of getting to speak to "Full House" star John Stamos over the phone. Later, she sings "The National Anthem."

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Operation Gratitude with Bob Donovan & Lil Bauer

From Operation Gratitude, ambassador Bob Donovan is joined by volunteers Lil Bauer, Brenda Pulos, Rosemary DeAlba, and Dick Saklad to collect items from "Home & Family" to send to deployed troops. Get information on how a package request is processed and fulfilled to show entire units how much we care back home in the United States. Over one million packages have been sent so far after being put together by an assembly line of volunteers. The servicemen and women are most appreciative of personalized handwritten letters and dental floss.

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