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Dave Foley Interview

Dave Foley sits down with Mark and Cristina to discuss his brand-new comedy on ABC, “Dr. Ken,” where he plays Pat, an unapologetic frugal hospital administrator. He shares a scene from an episode and describes a fondness for working with Ken Jeong. Dave has been in the comedy business for a long time and many people still recognize him from his work on Canada’s sketch comedy show, “Kids in the Hall.” He even hints at a possible reunion with the cast in the near future. Dave recalls his favorite role as playing astronaut Alan Bean in “From Earth to the Moon.”

Make sure you catch Dave in "Dr. Ken," Friday's on ABC

Korean Lamb Chops with Stuffed Arancini - Home & Family

Korean Lamb Chops with Stuffed Arancini

The champion from “Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off,” Scarlett Smorynski is in the kitchen whipping up some Korean Lamb Chops with Stuffed Arancini. Scarlett talks about what it was like winning the cooking competition. She tells Cristina about her plans to use her prize money for business school because she would like to own a restaurant someday! When it came to the prize-winning dish, Scarlett combined her love for both Korean and French foods into one delicious meal! The gang digs in and they love the flavors of Scarlett’s recipe.

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Board Game Serving Tray - Home & Family

Board Games Serving Tray 

Ken Wingard has a great DIY for those looking to recycle their old board games. Ken calls this a great introductory DIY because almost anyone can do it at any level of experience. He encourages viewers to bring their board game to the hardware store where they can help size and cut the plywood required for the project. He also reminds viewers to use polyurethane when it comes to sealing the wood. A retail cost for this project will run you $45, but Ken’s DIY will cost you only $10.

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Ally Walker Interview
Actress and director Ally Walker visits Home & Family to talk about her latest film, “Sex, Death and Bowling.” She is excited to share a clip, and talks about the wonderful cast members who star in the movie. Even though Ally directed this film, she is recognized for her acting work on such iconic television shows as “24,” “The Sopranos” and “Entourage.” Ally also talks about being in high school with Tom Ford and attending the opera together.

Check out "Sex, Death and Bowling" in theaters on November 6th.

Hallmark Keepsake Artist - Home & Family

Hallmark Keepsake Art 
Artist Debra Nielsen shows Mark and Cristina how she makes Hallmark Keepsake ornaments, a job also held by her husband, Steve. They recently collaborated to create a “Bon Appetit” ornament. Debra’s very first ornament was a chocolate truffle tree. She explains how she created a stacked pumpkin ornament with foam pumpkins (which will last much longer) and says the trick is using an epoxy spray so that they stick together.

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Ventriloquist Fun! 
"America’s Got Talent" season 10 winner Paul Zerdin shows off his award-winning skills. He talks about his early beginnings as a magician, and about being a huge fan of puppetry as a child. He advises people who have a talent to audition for America’s Got Talent - it was a great experience! Mark and Cristina both give ventriloquism a stab, and then Paul does a quick demo of his skills with his puppet Sam.

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Safety Tips for Halloween - Home & Family

Halloween Safety for Kids 
Matt Iseman discusses the various ways parents can watch over their kids this Halloween. He says cutting injuries from pumpkin carvings is the number one source of injury every year around Halloween. Matt encourages parents to use pumpkin tool carving kits instead of regular kitchen knives. He also advises parents to watch the length on their kids’ costumes so they don’t trip and fall. Masks can diminish kids’ ability to see while out trick or treating, so consider face paint as an alternative. Finally, he encourages parents to have their kids trick or treat with big groups to help with visibility.

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Hollywood Steals 
Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of deals you can find on Hollywood Steals!

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Ask Shirley! 
Shirley Bovshow sits down to answer your questions that you posted on Facebook!