Thursday, October 20th, 2016

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Alan Thicke Interview - Home & Family

“Unusually Thicke” stars Alan and Tanya Thicke
‘America’s Favorite TV Dad,’ actor and author Alan Thicke and his wife Tanya chat about their reality show, “Unusually Thicke.” Now in its 3rd season, “Unusually Thicke” is different from traditional reality TV in that the show seeks to find the humor in family drama. Alan and Tanya shares some scenes from this season and reveal a hilarious moment that never made on air.

You can watch more of Alan and Tanya on “Unusually Thicke,” Wednesday’s at 11a/10c on the Pop network.

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Butternut Squash Ravioli - Home & Family

Cooking with Chef Enzo Febbraro
Italian chef Enzo Febbraro is in the Home & Family kitchen showing off a hearty and flavorful fall recipe! Enzo, who is the executive chef of Allegro at Wynn Las Vegas, shares his recipe for Butternut Squash Ravioli. Enzo’s recipe includes instructions for homemade ravioli, filled with his savory butternut squash ravioli filling.

Get Enzo’s Butternut Squash Ravioli recipe here>>

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DIY Non-Candy Halloween Treats

DIY Non-Candy Halloween Treats with Rachel Hollis
Chic Site creator Rachel Hollis shows how to make unique non-Candy Halloween treats. Rachel’s treats are a great non-candy alternative for tick-or-treaters who have food allergies. Rachel’s crafts can be a fun and easy craft project for the entire family!

Get more information on Food Allergies & The Teal Pumpkin Project at

Make sure you visit Rachel at

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Puppy Training Myths & Facts - Home & Family

Puppy Training Myths & Facts with Brett Endes
Dog Behavior Specialist Brett Endes shares some great tips on training a puppy. Brett dispels some common myths about training a puppy and demonstrates useful techniques for training your four-legged family members.

Get more tips from Brett at And make sure you follow Brett on twitter @TheDogSavant.

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”Boo! A Madea Halloween” actress Patrice Lovely
Actress Patrice Lovely chats with Mark & Debbie about her hilarious new Halloween movie, ”Boo! A Madea Halloween.” Patrice shows off her acting chops by giving Mark and Debbie an up close experince with her character, Hattie Mae. She then explains her method and how she channels her influences into her charcthers. Partice also gives some insights on workig with the muli-talented Tyler Perry and later, Pattice takes the stage and shows off her her talents as a gospel singer.

Catch Patrice in ”Boo! A Madea Halloween”

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Dr. JJ’s Sugar-Free Mummy Cake - Home & Family

Dr. JJ’s Sugar-Free Mummy Cake
Dr. JJ takes a turn in the kitchen and shares a healthier option for celebrating Halloween. Dr. JJ’s Mummy Cake is a sweet treat without the sugar. To make the recipe, Dr. JJ starts by explaining some of the science behind baking with sugar alternatives. She then explains the steps for making the sugar-free applesauce spice cake and the sugar-free cream cheese frosting. Lastly, Dr. JJ takes you step by step through decorating this frighteningly delicious treat!

Get Dr. JJ’s Sugar-Free Mummy Cake Recipe here>>

Make sure you visit Dr. JJ at

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Rocking the Look at 30 or 50
Author and Lifestyle expert Lawrence Zarian shares advice on wearing trendy looks, regardless of your age. From faux fur to sequins, Lawrence shows how the hottest trends can work for you, regardless of your age.

You can get all the looks featured in this segment at

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Garments Featured in this Segment Include:

  • “Merona” Faux Fur Vest: $34.99
  • “Xhilaration” Paisley Print, Flared Sleeve Shift Dress: $27.99
  • “Merona” Textured Fashion Tights: $10.00
  • “Merona” Blush Floppy Hat: $24.99
  • “Mossimo” Cognac Bootie: $37.99

  • “Merona” Faux Fur Vest: $34.99
  • “Merona” Charcoal, Cable Knit Sweater Dress: $34.99
  • “Merona” Black Opaque Tights: $10.00
  • “Mossimo” Over The Knee Boot: $50.00
  • “Who What Wear” Thunder Gray Sequin Skirt: $32.99
  • “Mean Girls”, Sleeveless Graphic T-Shirt: $12.00
  • “Mossimo” Yoga Layering Hoodie: $22.99
  • “Merona” Black, Lace-Up Wedge Booties: $34.99

  • “Who What Wear” Thunder Gray Sequin Skirt: $32.99
  • “Mossimo” Black Edwardian, Chevron Print Sheer Blouse: $22.99
  • “Merona” Black Belt: $16.99
  • “Merona” Black Sheer Hose: $10.00
  • “Mossimo” Black/Grey Block Pump: $29.99

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Ken Wingard’s DIY Spooky Surprise Decoration
DIY Expert Ken Wingard shows how to create Halloween decorations with a surprise freight. Ken’s spooky surprise decoration can be customized to fit your Halloween theme. The craft costs just under $30 but, it comes with a frightful surprise. Ken’s craft includes a lever that launches a frightful face at Halloween revelers!

Get more from Ken at

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Hollywood Steals with Sandie Newton
‘Home & Family’s ‘Queen of the Deal,’ Sandie Newton is back with another great selection Hollywood Steals. This week’s fall-themed items are great for the home, great for travel, and are a great wat to make you feel good!

Get all of this week’s steals at