Mary McDonough Interview - Home & Family

Mary McDonough Interview

Legendary television actress Mary McDonough sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her time on the show "The Waltons." She jokes that growing up she had five mothers from the show and one mother in real life. She says that she learned so much from each mother on the show including how to be strong and speak up, and they also helped her throughout her real life divorce. Mary is also an accomplished author who just published her novel, “One Year” the story of three generations of Irish-American women.

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Faux Hair Trends

Debbie Matenopoulos is joined by hairstylist Tiphareth Star to talk about the latest trends going on with faux hair. Debbie says that faux hair is so in right now because people are afraid to commit to one hairstyle because the trends are always changing. Debbie says the latest trend is the “lob,” a long bob. She also brings out some hair models to demonstrate how natural extensions can look.

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Cristina Ferrare Cooks! - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks with Kristin Taekman

Kristin Taekman from “Real Housewives of New York” stops by Home & Family! She chats about everything from her obsession with Elvis to her fashion tips of pairing one expensive item with several inexpensive ones. After the interview, she joins Cristina in the kitchen and together they cook Mother’s Day Eggs Benedict, where Cristina adds avocado to her hollandaise sauce.

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Do It Yourself Wall Garden - Home & Family

DIY Vertical Wall Garden

Shirley Bovshow shows you just how easy it is to build your own vertical wall garden. She says the most important part is finding pants that will fit it the grid like sweet potatoes. No planting is required with the instant vertical wall garden., and it will cost you just $50.

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Apple-Dipped Pancakes - Home & Family

Apple-Dipped Pancakes

Natural Foods Cooking Instructor Pamela Salzman is in the kitchen cooking up some apple-dipped pancakes! Pamela is a big believer in making the food the night before and just heating it up the next day. She also recommends using whole wheat pastry flour, which is not as coarse as other wheat flour. The final product tastes like a delicious apple fritter!

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DIY Nail Polish Bracelet

Ken Wingard makes his very own Nail Polish bracelet using only old nail polish, wire, pliers, scissors and a floral pattern. Not only bracelets, these can also be used in hair barrettes and a necklace!

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Family Travel Tips

Mark and Cristina give some helpful tips for viewers at home planning out a vacation. The key is to plan ahead. Remember that the vacation is about being with family and should also have an educational tie-in to it. Also make sure to have a flexible schedule in case some things have to be moved around. Also get travel guides loaded with information. For example, “Pure Michigan Summer/Travel Guide” is an excellent example.

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Childproofing with Dr. JJ - Home & Family

Childproofing with Dr. JJ

Dr. JJ breaks down how to childproof your house when you are living with a baby. She suggests putting yourself on all fours to see your house through a baby’s perspective. Regularly vacuum and shampoo carpets, cover all outlets and remember that loose change and other small objects are choking hazards.

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