Thursday, May 12th, 2016

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Jennie Garth Interview - Home & Family

Jennie Garth Interview

The actress sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her upcoming Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original Movie, “Karen Kingsbury’s A Time to Dance” which premieres May 15th at 9/8c. Jennie admits she was hesitant about traveling to Canada to film the movie and being so far away from her kids, but she loved the script so much she decided to take the role. She also recently just got married and describes the DIY projects she did for her own wedding, which included creating her own wedding dress. She then shares the story of how she met her husband, Dave on an awkward blind date and three months later they were engaged.

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Greek Rice Pudding

Debbie Matenopoulos is in the kitchen whipping up a favorite, Rizogalo, which is Greek rice pudding. She recognizes that Greek cuisine is usually known for salads but she is a huge fan of the desserts. Debbie explains that Rizogalo is one of her favorites because it reminds her of the time she spent with her grandma in Greece. When you are done, you can store the pudding in either the refrigerator or freezer.

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DIY Finalist: Jeremy Rabe - Home & Family

Washboard Flowerbeds

Dream Jobbing Finalist Jeremy Rabe is making his own washboard flowerbeds. He explains that it was his late grandma who got him started with his DIYs by purchasing his first hot glue gun when he was only eight years old! Jeremy jokes that the goal for all of his DIY projects is to make sure they are adorable and affordable. He even makes his own stain for the flowerbed because it is so much cheaper. Today’s entire DIY will only cost you $20.

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Custom Beauty Products

Kym Douglas is here to show you how you can customize your own beauty products based on features that are tailored for you. From shampoo and conditioner to skincare, Kym has you covered!

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“Livin’ Lozada” Interview

Television personality, Evelyn Lozada is joined by her daughter Shaniece Hairston to talk about her new OWN reality series, “Livin’ Lozada.” Evelyn opens up about leaving her abusive relationship and embarking on a road of positivity. She felt it was so important to set a good example example for her daughter. After an intervention with life coach, Iyanla Vanant, Evelyn realized she was deserving of better and now she spends time helping other victims of domestic violence.

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Boosting Our Brain Power

Dr. Gary Small MD of the UCLA Longevity Center talks about his book, “2 Weeks to a Younger Brain” and gives tips on how to boost your brain power. He explains that people start experiencing memory loss at the age of 20. Exercise pushes your heart to pump oxygen and nutrients brain cells, making brain function better. He also recommends increasing foods that are high in omega 3 fats, fish, nuts and flaxseeds in your diets. Finally, a good night’s rest can help lower inflammation in the brain and body.

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American Flag Table - Home & Family

American Flag Table

Paige Hemmis and Ken Wingard team up for a DIY, making their own American Flag Coffee Table, which is perfect for families to gather around and play games on during the summertime. Paige carves out the table and when she is finished, Ken is responsible for decorating the surface with the American Flag design.

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Creating An At-Home Spa - Home & Family

How to Create an At-Home Spa Experience

Cristina and Kym demonstrate some fun ways that you can turn your own home into a relaxing spa with the help of the Air Wick Scented Oil Warmer, which provides a scent that adds to the ambiance. They also recommend putting on relaxing spa music and serving a warm pot of chamomile tea before bedtime. After taking a bath, place a warm towel in the dryer for 15 minutes and fold tightly to keep the heat in.

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Ask the Family

The family members gather around to answer your Facebook questions.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of deals that you can find at Hollywood Steals.

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