Perrey Reeves Interview

Actress Perrey Reeves talks to Mark and Cristina about the release of the long-anticipated movie “Entourage.” Perrey is back reprising her role from the television show of the same name, playing Ari Gold’s long-suffering wife. In real life, Perrey stays busy running a yoga retreat in Costa Rica and planning her upcoming wedding to tennis instructor, Aaron Fox. She jokes that she is now taking tennis lessons!

Kitchen Curry Master - Home & Family

Kitchen Curry Master

Neena Patel Williams is in the Home & Family kitchen cooking a traditional Indian dish, Garbanzo Bean Curry. Neena started Kitchen Curry Master Set, which provides Indian spices and recipes to help guide people to cooking Indian dishes!

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National Cancer Survivors Day - Home & Family

National Cancer Survivors Day

Noreen Fraser, Founder and CEO of the Noreen Fraser Foundation is joined by Beth Yorn founder of  Elisabeth Bell Jewelry. The two women have teamed up for National Cancer Survivors Day. Noreen has been living with cancer for 14 years and opens up about her journey. Meanwhile, Beth lost her own mother to breast cancer. Both women encourage yearly mammograms for women over 40 and encourage regular breast self-exams. Regular screenings can save lives. Noreen’s foundation supports research and development of new drugs. Beth designed a special bracelet available for purchase, with all the proceeds going to the Noreen Fraser Foundation.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a special Hollywood Steals and this time she is teaming up with Noreen Fraser and Beth Yorn to feature some of Beth’s original designs.

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Tips on Coaching Your Kids in Baseball

Matt Rogers and Matt Iseman team up to give you clever tips on how to coach your child at baseball. Matt Rogers emphasizes that when coaching, it should all be about having fun. Matt Iseman says that kids should play all types of sports until they find one they like and shouldn’t be throwing curve balls until they are teenagers.

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Wedding Make-Up Trends - Home & Family

Wedding Make-Up Trends

With Paige’s wedding coming up, she finds out the latest hair and make-up trends starting with a lesson from make-up artist, Michelle Q. Michelle is all about the natural look, which is soft and everlasting. The other trend is dramatic, with smoky eyes. When it comes to hair, she is joined by celebrity hairstylist, Ricardo Lauritzen. He recommends keeping your hair true to your everyday look. The latest trends are boho hair, bouffants and accessories! Half up hair and half down is another popular trend.

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Mario Lopez Interview

Mario Lopez talks to Mark and Cristina about his very busy schedule and the balance of work and family. He credits his wife and children for why he constantly working. His role models are his parents, who just celebrated 45 years of marriage! He points out that 84% of parents say family playtime helps them grow closer together.

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Waterless Carwash For Dad - Home & Family

Waterless Car Wash for Dad

Sophie joins Matt Rogers’ sons, Braden and Mason to wash a car without water. Not only is the waterless car wash taking the drought into consideration, it is also the perfect Father’s Day gift! Sophie uses Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash to get her car clean.

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New Craft Tool Reviews

Ken Wingard is back to talk craft tools! With so many new tools being on the market today, Ken reviews the hottest ones! Ken loves the Thing-A-Ma JIG, which introduces jewelry making for teens and tweens. Ken also brings out the 3-D Doodle, which helps artists draw in 3-D. Ken found it a little difficult to operate.

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