Cindy Williams Interview - Home & Family

Cindy Williams Interview

Iconic television actress Cindy Williams stops by to talk to Mark and Cristina about her life in Hollywood and the release of her new memoir, “”Shirley, I jest” which is currently in stores. The “Laverne & Shirley” actress jokes about how she still has her character’s stuffed animal sidekick, “Boo Boo Kitty” and brings it out to prove it.

Chef Rick Moonen Cooks! - Home & Family

Salmon Burgers with Green Tartar Sauce

Chef Rick Moonen is back in the Home & Family kitchen grilling up his famous Salmon Burgers with Green Tartar Sauce. He emphasizes that it is easier to dice the salmon if you have have firmed it up in the freezer before. Rick says you should definitely dice the salmon and not grind it, so it keeps its flavorful juices.

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How Not to Lose Things

Kym Douglas is here with some helpful tools that will help you if you are someone constantly losing items. She points out that the average person misplaces up to nine items a day.

Kym's suggested products:

Dog Eyeglass Holder, $34.95
PortaPocket, $9.95-$34.95
Duet Key Finder, $29.90

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Chrissie Fit Interview

Chrissie Fit opens up about her new movie on Disney, “Teen Beach 2,” which premieres Friday, June 26th, 8/7c. The first “Teen Beach” was a huge hit for Disney and was the second-highest cable television movie of all time! Chrissie also chats about what it was like being the only Latina in the sequel.

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Beer and Bacon Cupcakes - Home & Family

Arianna Thomopoulos Cooks!

Cristina is joined in the kitchen by her daughter, Arianna Thomopoulos. With Father’s day right around the corner, Arianna finds it fitting to cook Beer & Bacon cupcakes with a Bacon Bouquet. If you use a nice quality light-colored beer, you will have a golden brown cupcake.

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Finding the Right Bathing Suit - Home & Family

Finding the Right Bathing Suit for Your Body

Debbie Matenopoulos has a few bathing options for you and your type of body. She recommends low cut bottoms to help lengthen the torso, supportive bikinis and bottoms with details to bring balance for women with larger busts and slimmer hips. Ruffles and crop tops accentuate the illusion of a bigger bust.

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Tylenol vs Advil

Matt Iseman MD breaks down the two over the counter pain relievers Tylenol and Advil. He reminds the audience to never let the cost be the biggest factor in what brand you should choose. He recommends Tylenol for a headache and recommends taking Advil for sore muscles, back pain and arthritis. When it comes to kids with constant fevers, alternate between Advil and Tylenol.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back and she has a whole new list of deals for you from Hollywood Steals. As always, this is a first come and first serve basis, so check out these deals early!

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Ask the Family

Home & Family members gather around to answer some Facebook questions from fans!