Father's Day: Bacon Bouquet

Father's Day: Bacon Bouquet
What says I love you more than a bouquet of bacon roses? This Father's day I am sharing my twist on your traditional bouquet of roses!


  • 2 Packets of thick cut Bacon
  • 2 Bundles of Rose Stems
  • 1 Packet toothpicks
  • Wire Wrack
  • Baking sheet (lined with tin foil)
  • Vase
  • Marbles or rocks


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F
  1. First you will want to roll the bacon from thicker/wider side to the thinner side.
  1. Place toothpicks in the bottom of the roll, I like to place four to cross them over, it holds the bacon together better.
  1. Once all have been crafted place them on the wire wrack which is string on top of your lined baking sheet. Cooking tip: by doing this it helps the bottoms stay crispier and please note the outside will look crispier than the inside.
  1. While the bacon is cooking, you will want to get the stems ready. You can get the "roses" at Michael's. First you will want to pull the roses off the stem and pull the green backing off so it separates.
  1. When the bacon is cooked and cooled, place bacon roses on the stems. You will need to push hard but not to hard to ruin the look of the bacon. Place in vase and enjoy!

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