Thursday, July 7th, 2016

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Patti Stanger Interview

The professional matchmaker sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her reality series, “Million Dollar Matchmaker,” which airs Fridays at 10/9c on WEtv. Her number one piece of advice for singles is to never give up on love. She even opens up about the languages of love, which includes touch, acts of service and the gift of time. She encourages couples to never stop learning about each other.

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Cryo Therapy

Kym Douglas is joined by Dr. Ryan Manning who talks about the latest trend in health and beauty: Cryo Therapy, which entails clients to spend 2-3 minutes in negative 250 degrees. It also helps reduce inflammation and decrease pain. Studies have also shown Cryo Therapy can result in weight loss. Kym even gets in the chamber to prove anybody can do it.

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DIY Resurfacing a Butcher's Block - Home & Family

DIY Resurfacing a Butcher’s Block

Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri of HGTV’s “American’s Most Desperate Kitchens” are visiting Home & Family to show you how easy it is so resurface your own butcher’s block. The cousins talk about how most of their renovations take place in three days and open up about some of their most challenging makeovers throughout the last two seasons of their show.

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Flat Iron Steak Entree - Home & Family

Flat Iron Steak

Chef John Rollo is in the Home & Family backyard grilling up the perfect flat iron steak and pairing it with a fresh corn salad. John also talks about his Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop, which is all about using the freshest ingredients in their meals and adapting a farm to table way of life. Patti Stranger admits she’s one of the restaurant’s biggest fans so it is a big honor to meet John, in person.

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Face Plants - Home & Family

Face Plants

Ken Wingard is in the craft room and showing you how to make a face plant. Ken brings his own daughter Margo along to show Mark and Debbie how much kids can have with this DIY. Face plants also make a cute gift idea for loved ones.

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Patti Stanger’s Love Lessons

The Home & Family ladies gather around for a roundtable with Patti Stanger. She reminds the women her number one rule is to never give up on love. She also encourages open communication, especially when first starting out in relationships.

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Summertime Fun

Matt Iseman is introducing you to some of his favorite products he discovered that kids will love to play with this summer. This includes fun water hoses and a giant inflatable ball that shoots out water.

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DIY Jean Pocket Fanny Pack - Home & Family

DIY Jean Pocket Fanny Pack

Orly Shani is showing you how to utilize all parts of your old jeans, by turning them into a stylish fanny pack. Instead of using a good pair of jeans, she also suggests you going to your local thrift store to buy a cheap pair of denim. Make sure you have sewing needles that are strong enough to sew through jeans.

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Fitness for Back Problems - Home & Family

Fitness for Back Problems

Fitness expert Ashley Borden returns to Home & Family to show Mark and Debbie some easy fitness steps you can do at home that will help if you have back problems. She also stays to demonstrate some core-strengthening exercises, as well as some tips on how to loosen tight hip flexors.

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