Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

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"All My Children" Reunion

Susan Lucci continues her week long stay as special guest host on Home & Family and this time she is joined by some familiar faces. Her former “All My Children” co-stars Eden Reigel, Kathleen None, Peter Bergman, Laurence Lau, Eva LaRue, Cameron Mathison, John Callahan and Kim Delaney. They all talk about some of their favorite storylines they shared with Susan’s famous character, “Erica Kane.” The cast also talk about "All My Children" super-couples and dysfunctional families.

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Homey Chicken Stew - Home & Family

Homey Chicken Stew

Surprise guest, Taylor Miller joins the “All My Children” cast in the kitchen to cook up her recipe for Homey Chicken Stew from As she prepares the stew, she offers some tips about preparing the chicken, including to make sure the chicken is brown on both sides to to help enhance to flavor.

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How to Look Like a Soap Star

Kym Douglas is joined by Susan and special guest former co-star, Jill Larson to introduce you to a way to get fuller lips using a product called Juvalips. Kym even tries the device out on herself to prove it mworks.

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Pilates Pro Chair

Susan Lucci changes into her workout clothes to show how the Pilates Pro chair works. She describes it as a low-impact workout that anybody can do.

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DIY Photo Album - Home & Family

DIY Photo Album

Paige Hemmis pays homage to the famous intro of “All My Children” by showing you how to make your own photo album using craft wood. She recommends searching craft stores from the material for this DIY. The entire cost of the s project is only $20.

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Statement Ensembles

Lawrence Zarian has always been a fan of Erica Kane’s flashiest wardrobe, so he shows you how slight modifications can make an ordinary outfit stand-out. Using Kim Delaney and Eden Riegel as his models, he introduces Susan to the looks. After the fashion show, Susan, Eden and Kim are shocked when surprise guest and former co-star, Michael E. Knight shows up!

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No Fry Fried Ice Cream - Home & Family

No Fry Fried Ice Cream

Michael joins Debbie in the kitchen to whip up one of his character Tad Martin’s favorite desserts, fried ice cream, using candy bar toppings. Michael also talks about his famous character’s infamous conquests on “All My Children,” that earned him the nickname, “The Male Erica Kane.”

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of deals!

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Agnes Nixon Tribute - Home & Family

Agnes Nixon Tribute

The cast gather around to pay tribute to the “All My Children” creator, Agnes Nixon, who passed away in 2016. They all discuss their favorite memories working with Agnes and watch a montage of some of the greatest moments from “All My Children,” which leaves the cast in tears.