Thursday, February 1st, 2018

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DIY Heart Socks and Sweaters - Home & Family

DIY Heart Socks and Sweaters

Orly Shani is getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit by making DIY heart socks and sweaters. All you really need are socks and sweaters to work with, along with a needle and thread. Just make sure your scissors are sharp enough cut fabric. The patches are also machine washable.

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Cider Apple and Sage Roasted Pork Chops - Home & Family

Cider Apple & Sage Roasted Pork Chops

Food blogger and author Tieghan Gerard is in the kitchen making her famous cider apple roasted pork chops with brown butter gorgonzola polenta. When it comes to deciding on the pork chops, she recommends searching out ones that are firm, reddish pink and not to be afraid of a little fat on them. After you are done cooking them, let the chops settle for a couple of minutes before serving, letting the dish become even more flavorful.

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Trace Adkins

Country singer Trace Adkins visits Home & Family to talk about his single, “Still a Soldier,” a song dedicated to those wounded in war. Trace has also spent time working with and raised $1,524,072 for the Red Cross during his time on “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.” Trace is also the proud father of five daughters and shares fun stories from parenthood.

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Beauty Fixes

Kym Douglas is making your life easier with some easy beauty fixes. Today she is introducing you to a recipe on how to make your own ice cube facial with cucumber, green tea and an ice cube tray.

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DIY Battle Sweets Game

DIY expert and lifestyle Chelsea Foy is making a fun kid-friendly DIY battleship sweets game using tiny magnets and a metal alphabet stamp. You can find toy sweets for the game at your local craft store. Use a magnetic strip to secure the sweets to the game board.

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Spiced Salmon and Herb Kebabs with Spicy Quinoa

Internist and nutrition specialist Dr. Melina Jampolis MD returns to the Home & Family kitchen making a delicious dish of spiced salmon and herb kebabs with spicy quinoa. The best part about this dish is that it is packed with health benefit like cumin, which helps reduce belly fat, ginger, that helps with arthritis pain and finally turmeric, which fights inflammation and supports your brain health.

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Brittany Curran

Actress Brittany Curran sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her SyFy series, “The Magicians,” that you can watch Wednesdays at 9/8c. In the show, Brittany plays the character of Fen. She also talks about the work she does with, an organization that works with lifesaving transplants.

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DIY Pull Out Kitchen Drawer

Mark Steines is putting on his tool belt and building DIY pull out kitchen drawers. Before getting started, measure the bottom cabinet so you know what size in plywood you will need to work with. When done, add polyurethane to the drawers. He also advises you to use DampRid to help absorb moisture from the storage areas.

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Decorating Tips for Any Room

Interior designer Jennifer Adams is giving you some easy to follow decorating tips for any room. Also don’t forget to check out more helpful tips from her book, “Love Coming Home” available where books are sold.

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DIY Baby Headbands - Home & Family

DIY Headbands

Maria Provenzano is celebrating baby by showing you how to make DIY headbands. All you really need is a baby shirt, fabric scissors and fabric glue. You can get as creative as you want, adding ribbons as a stylish addition.

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