E.J. Bonilla Interview
Actor E.J. Bonilla visits Home & Family to talk about his role as Denny Padilla in the television show “Unforgettable” which airs on A&E Fridays at 10/9c. E.J. talks about joining the show in the fourth season, and how welcoming the cast and crew were. He then shares the most romantic thing he has done for a girl. He purchased a close friend a new iPhone and surprised her on her birthday when he had her mom call at midnight on the new phone!

B is for Broccoli Soup - Home & Family

“B is for Broccoli” Soup

Chef and author Curtis Aikens stops by to whip up a delicious and healthy soup starring broccoli! Curtis has had an amazing life, growing up in the segregated South as a child and learning to read at 26 years old. Literacy is a very important cause for Curtis, and he is involved in visiting schools and talking about reading. Curtis loves broccoli and talks about the numerous health benefits of this cruciferous vegetable. Cristina and Curtis make the soup together and have fun getting the immersion blender to work!

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Kym’s Post Holiday Hacks
Kym is on hand to share some post holiday hacks to extend the life of your holiday decorations!  Kym shows off how to preserve your poinsettia plant by spraying the underside of the petals and leaves with hairspray to prevent wilting. Next, you can reuse ribbons by using a curling iron to help get the wrinkles out. Finally, to keep your tree hydrated you can funnel water through a pool noodle to avoid making a mess on the floor!

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3 Looks for the little black dress - Home & Family

How to Dress Up your Old Black Dress
Orly Shani has some inspiration for your New Year’s Eve outfit! Orly shares how to modernize your classic “Little Black Dress” and provides great tips for updating looks you already may own with chiffon, feathers and faux chain.

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Sophie Reynolds
Actress Sophie Reynolds stops by to talk about her experiences with the television show, “Gamers Guide to Pretty Much Everything” which airs on Disney XD. She brings a clip from the show and the audience has a good chuckle. Sophie likes to collect snow globes and shares one of her favorites with Mark and Cristina. Sophie has traveled to 20 states with her family which is how she has come to own so many snow globes! The actress started out as a dancer, and she still loves to stay connected with that part of her life. Sophie collects the gang and teaches them some basic hip hop steps!

2016 Psychic Predictions - Home & Family

Psychic Predictions for 2016
Psychic and Intuitive Expert Pam Oslie visits to talk about “Life Colors” and about how she often sees, feels or hears messages in her mind when giving a psychic reading. Pam talks about her reading with Mark. Pam shares that everyone has free will that may alter the timeline of events that happen in their lifetime. She predicts that we are still going to have ups and downs with the economy and terrorism, but that overall everything is going to be okay.  She sees advances in technology and sustainability and reminds everyone that we are innovators and moving forward! Pam then talks about her readings with Dan, Debbie and Tanya and all three of the family members were amazed at what she revealed.

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Hottest Holiday Films
Debbie Matenopoulos talks about the can’t miss movies for this holiday season. She reports that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is amazing and she loved it. She also really admired the film “Joy” starring Jennifer Lawrence and Robert Deniro. Another inspirational movie Debbie recommends is “Creed” which is the seventh film in the Rocky movie series starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone.

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DIY Feather Princess Crowns - Home & Family

DIY Feather Princess Crowns
Tanya Memme returns to Home & Family with a craft to help your little princess feel extra special. She is obsessed with crowns, and is happy to share her latest inspiration! The tools are basics, including feathers, scissors, lace, hairbands and beads. Be sure to lay out your design first and be plan to start in the middle.

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The Science of Champagne - Home & Family

The Physics of Champagne
Dan Kohler is on hand to talk about what we love about champagne- the pop and fizz! Dan talks about “sabering” the cork to remove it which can prove tricky! The safest way to open a bottle is to put a little towel over, and gently twist the bottle- not the cork. He explains the science of the bubbles and “nucleation” and how the cork becomes mushroom shaped due to the pressure in the bottle.

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Auld Lang Syne
Lorraine Castellanos and Robert Dove perform this classic holiday song for the audience.