Marilu Henner Interview - Home & Family

Marilu Henner Interview

Actress Marillu Henner stops by to talk about her new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries original movie “A Bone to Pick: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery.” The movie is airing on both the Hallmark Channel and the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel on April 4th, 9/8c. Marilu and her co-star Candace Cameron Bure bonded on set over reality shows, motherhood and how they even have the same birthday!

Don't miss Marilu in "A Bone to Pick: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery" April 4th, 9/8c premiering on both the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

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Making Bone Broth - Home & Family

Making Bone Broth

Chef Debbie Lee cooks up the hottest new health trend, Bone Broth. Debbie says that the LA Lakers drink almost a gallon of the broth a day for the health benefits. When preparing the broth, Debbie suggests using grass fed beef. Make the broth on the stove or using a crockpot. You want to steep the broth with all of the roasted vegetables and bones for a minimum of 14 hours in the pot to really get a rich flavor.

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DIY Easter Centerpiece - Home & Family

DIY Easter Centerpiece

Ken Wingard shows how to make a beautiful Easter centerpiece with items found around the house. You can use foam core or a cardboard box to start. You're also going to need to scrap paper, but Ken points out that you can recycle cards you have lying around the house. Once you've completed the centerpiece, you can use little figurines to give the centerpiece extra character. And as Ken points out, the entire centerpiece will cost you as little as ten dollars!

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Benito Martinez Interview

Actor Benito Martinez talks about his ABC drama “American Crime.” Benito is a man of many talents, aside from being a successful television actor he also once performed theater in a prison. Benito also plays mariachi, learning with his father when he was only eight. Benito teaches fencing and stage combat, first learning it while at theater school in London. He even shows Mark some slick sword moves.

Don't miss Benito on ABC's "American Crime," Thursdays, 10/9c

How to Protect Your Cellphone - Home & Family

How to Protect Your Cellphone from Hackers and Trackers

Matt Iseman has some helpful cellphone security tips that you are going to want to know. Matt says that cellphone companies are now selling information to advertisers. He gives Home & Family and viewers at home some lessons on how to limit the ways that advertisers can track you.

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Mackenzie Aladjem Interview

Actress Mackenzie Aladjem opens up about the upcoming season premiere of the Showtime drama-comedy “Nurse Jackie.” The young actress has played “Fiona” on the show since she was nine. Since this is the show’s final season, Mackenzie jokes that everybody wants to know what will happen and she has been doing a great job keeping quiet. Now that the season has officially wrapped, Mackenzie plans on attending public school for the first time next fall.

Don't miss Mackenzie on Showtime's Nurse Jackie, season premiere April 12th, 9/8c

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Do It Yourself Miniature Easter Garden - Home & Family

DIY Miniature Easter Garden

Shirley Bovshow designs her very own Easter Garden and shows you how easy it is to do at home. Using White Isotoma for the “meadow” and Azalea as “trees” Shirley shows how you can easily tuck in little Easter treasures. Some of the “treasures” that Shirley hides in the Easter meadow include Itty Bittys from the Hallmark Store and a Hallmark Sterling Silver Collection necklace.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandy Newton is back with a whole new list of Hollywood Steals!

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3-Piece Cosmetic Bag Set
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Focus Education: Focus Brain Training Made Fun for Kids
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DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

Tanya Memme has the perfect DIY for all ages! Her own daughter, Ava loves playing Tic Tac Toe so Tanya created her own version of it. Once you are done, Tanya recommends adding personality to the game by using fun decorations or stones. The entire game will cost you only five to ten dollars.

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