Roy Choi's Grilled Cheese
Roy Choi of "The Chef Show" is making a decadent grilled cheese sandwich with four types of cheese!


  • Sliced bread, sourdough preferred
  • Gruyere, Parmesan, yellow cheddar & white cheddar
  • Unsalted butter, softened
  • Olive oil


1. Olive oil on medium-hot griddle
2. Baste bread slices on outside with softened butter
3. Put buttered bread on griddle (butter side down)
4. Add cheeses on bread slices
5. Move bread around on griddle as cheese melts
6. Check color of bread; when golden brown, join bread
7. Butter top of sandwich lightly again; flip; butter new top of sandwich
8. Keep moving sandwich around on griddle:
“A really great grilled cheese takes 4 or 5 minutes to cook.”
9. Keep checking for bread color: “You literally have one or two seconds between a really great grilled cheese and a burnt grilled cheese.”
10. Baste bread with more butter: “lightly, like sunscreen.”
11. CRUNCH! And enjoy.

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