DIY Lemon Verbena Fragrance Water

A Kym Douglas recipe that was inspired by "Little House on the Prairie."


1) Place a colander into a stainless steel stock pot and fill it with water until it reaches the bottom of the colander. Remove the colander for a moment and add 2 to 3 cups of fresh lemon verbena stems and leaves to the water. Replace the colander.

2) Insert a stainless steel or ceramic bowl into the stockpot, placing it on the colander to hold down the leaves in the water.

3) Invert the stockpot lid and put it on top of the pot. The lid must have a knob handle in the middle in order to be used for this procedure. Turn the heat on low. You want the herbs to steep, not boil. Keep the heat level low so the herbs are barely simmering.


4) Fill the inverted lid with about two or three trays worth of ice. This will allow condensation to form inside the stockpot.


5) Simmer the herbs until all the ice has melted. Carefully lift the stockpot lid and discard the ice water into the sink. Inside the stockpot, the bowl in the colander has retained the fragrant water of the lemon verbena. Remove the water and pour it into a glass jar or spray bottle.

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