Monday, September 5th, 2016

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Dot-Marie Jones Interview - Home & Family

Dot-Marie Jones Interview

The comedic actress visits Home & Family to talk about the new fall season of “Two Broke Girls,” which she will appear in. Dot-Marie also talks about recently officiating Mark and Julie’s surprise wedding last week. Aside from acting, she is also a former arm wrestling champion and the proud owner of two pigs, Jovi and Brett.

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Root Beer Pulled Chicken Sandwiches - Home & Family

Mark and Matt Cook

Matt Rogers and Mark are getting ready for Labor Day weekend with a fun BBQ outside with the family members. Today, they are cooking up root beer pulled chicken sandwiches with some delicious grilled corn.

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Buddy Weaver and Dancers

Buddy Weaver of the Square Dance Cellar is joined by his eight dancers to teach the family members how to do some old fashioned square dancing!

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Favorite Moments of the Year

The family members are joined by Dot-Marie Jones, Jenni Pulos and Julie Steines to talk about their favorite memories throughout season 4.

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Ice Cream Cake - Home & Family

Ice Cream Cake

Dr. JJ and Debbie join forces in the kitchen to make the ultimate sweet tooth dream, ice cream cake. After making the cake, Dr. JJ encourages you to add more fun by adding a sundae bar to the dessert.

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Block Party Tablescape - Home & Family

Block Party ‘Scape

Have a little extra fun this Labor Day weekend by hosting a block party. Debbie shows you how to create the perfect tablescape for the party, with a banner, food and the right lighting.

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DIY Block Party Photo Op - Home & Family

DIY Photo Op Expressions

Avid photographer, Mark Steines is showing you how to create the perfect backdrop for your block party. This includes great lighting, fun props and great personalities.

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Matt Rogers Performs

Matt Rogers is joined by his band to perform for Home & Family.